Field Agent Home Working – Diary and Update

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Field Agent is another app-based home working app. After installing it on my iPhone 6s Plus I had to wait a day for anything to appear under ‘jobs’ but then eventually something did.



A couple of pre-task screeners have appeared. These are apparently to help work out if I’d be suitable to jobs coming up. I’ve completed them and I’ll see what happens.

Early Task List for Field Agent on the iPhone App
Early Task List for Field Agent on the iPhone App
Expanded view of an early task on Field Agent
Expanded view of an early task on Field Agent

After these pre-tasks, no other jobs appeared so I will keep an eye on the app and see what else comes up.


(**wiggley-wobbly** time passes)

Fortified Milk


Had a notification of a task for Fortified Milk from Asda. I grabbed it and headed to my local Asda. As well as needing some photos I had to answer a load of questions and record a video. For this I would get £5 (plus a refund for the milk) and I might get put into the 2nd part of the task. This would pay an additional £5 where I’d be asked more questions and have another video to make.

Body Shop Task

Based on the pre-task jobs I’ve completed I got put on the BodyShop Mystery Shopper role for £5. It involved a number of questions and included asking the staff a very ‘particularly worded’ question as well as a video outside the store. It took no time at all and paid £5

Field Agent Summary

Jobs have been quite thin on the ground at Field Agent. I will keep checking it and see whether any jobs do appear. Who knows, perhaps a big rush will come on and lots more work will appear.



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