RedWigWam – Mystery Shopper Job Earns Big


Finally, I get one of the excellent sounding mystery shopper jobs. If you haven’t joined RedWigWam yet then click here and sign-up. I have to go visit a bingo hall and check out their food and service. Pay was £10 for the hour’s work, £7 for food, £6 for travel and then £5 to try out the slot machines. The £10 is taxable so I end up with about £6.40 and then anything else I get from this is pure profit.

My dinner was paid for via expenses for the job so I had a choice of their fried finest! I went for a cheese burger and chips, something that would be cooked quickly and I wouldn’t have too high expectation from the kitchen.

As I was already out the travel cost to me were zero so thats another £6 profit. The big win here was that I sat at a slot machine and I played £1 spins on some version of Rainbow Riches (I’ve seen this on casino/vegas websites) and it was the only one I recognised.

The Slot Story

3 spins in and it looked like I had a winning line

Line 7 – £5!

Cool! Looks like I’d be £5 up!

Line 11 – £5!

It was then I noticed the ‘spin’ button flashing and I thought that perhaps I had to choose one of the winning lines

Line 14 – £5!
16 – £5!
18 – £5!
20 – £5!
23 – £5!

So no matter what line I chose, I would still be £5 in profit.

Then it stopped flashing lines and explained I’d won £35! Excellent work and more guaranteed profit from this job! Dinner also only cost £5.01 and I’m refunded through expenses to the tune of £7 so another £1.99 ‘profit’

What I Made On The Night


RedWigWam Wage : £6.40
Travel : £6
Food : £1.99
slot : £35
Total £49.39

This is not bad for a short period of time in a bingo hall on a cold Wednesday night!

Do you do any RedWigWam jobs? How do you find your mystery shopper jobs? Are they usually this profitable? What has been your best job so far? Let me know in the comments as I’d love to hear from you. 🙂


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