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I have got some casual work from RedWigWam but I wanted to widen the net that catches this occasional work. To this end I’ve join some app-based sites that have work out there for people to take. I loaded this onto my iPhone 6s Plus and waited….here are the results.


This is a bit different as they want me to answer some questions and also complete a task. They also explain that there are different levels that you can get to and these affect how the site works for you. In the Support section of the site they expand on what affect your level has on your account.

The different levels you can obtain on Roamler and how they affect your account
The different levels you can obtain on Roamler and how they affect your account

There was one task available for me for 200 XP – “Welcome to Roamler”. As I loaded this app late last night I thought I’d look at it in the morning.


I activated the 200XP – “Welcome to Roamler” task. This asked me to take a photo of something Roamler Orange. As I was popping to Tesco (not for a task, I might add!), I thought I’d go for something from there. I settled with the following;-


Very ‘orange’ I felt! Attaching the photo to the task I submitted it and waited for them to approve it. This came through later in the afternoon. I still have plenty of tasks available on Roamler to pick up. I have a level one task called ‘The Banana Check’ that will give me 40 XP and £2! It appears loads but I can only do it once. I will also look at the additional tasks as they look quite fun!


Today I started my day doing two of the tasks showing. They are all ‘level 1’ tasks. Tea Lover needed me to take a photo of my favourite tea and then ‘How did we meet?’ wanted to know how I found out about Roamler. These two tasks gave me 40xp so I am nearly half way to get to the 500xp requirement for level 2. I also found one about ‘Roamler Lingo’ which tested your knowledge of what they might ask. This told me that supermarket shelves are generally 1 metre long – I didn’t know that. I have submitted that and I’m now over half-way to the 500xp level.


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