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What is it?

vypr. is an app where you use your phone to decide what you like. In vypr you are presented with ‘Steers’ and these can be general ones or in-store one. Its easy to complete a steer while sat at home or just waiting for a bus. The ‘in-store’ steers appear when you are in a shop and will ask you about products that shop might offer in the future or even at the moment. You earn points for the different type of activity – between 20-50 points for a general steer and 100 points for an in-store steer.

Where can I find it?


vypr is available from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Apple App Store Link
Google Play App Store

Referral/Invite Code

If you want to join vypr. you will not need an invite code or a referral. Click on the links above to take you to the appropriate app store and download straight away.

How Does It Look?

vypr app main screen image

There are two main tabs. The first is ‘Steers’ and the second is ‘In-Store’. You can do the Steers anywhere but In-Store will only activate if you are in the store it is referring to. At the bottom of the screen you 3 parts, Steers (the screen above), Points (how many points you have) and Profile (just about you).

vypr app steer in progress

This picture shows you what the steers look like. Nothing complex and it just asks you what you prefer from some options (on the left hand side) or whether you personally like what it is showing (on the right hand side).

Payout Options

vypr allows you to cash out once you have 10000 points. When you hit this threshold you will be able to request payment direct into PayPal. There is also the option to donate a portion of your payout to charity.

Within 3 days of downloading the app I had already earned 5000 points so I hope to earn my £5 by the end of the week. 🙂

Questions about vypr?


Feel free to leave me a comment below if you have any questions about this App and how best to complete tasks. I’ll be happy to help you on your journey. All you need is a mobile phone with Android or iOS and you are good to start. I enjoy using the app and it is really easy to complete the jobs.



    1. I’ve taken my first £5 out and I’m 20% (a whole £1!) through to my next 10000 points. Maybe £15 a month if this keeps going. Not bad for very little work.


      The Reverend

    1. Hello Badia,

      I also have difficulties getting the in-store steers to recognise my location. I now don’t go out of my way to get in-stores and just try them if I’m there.



      The Reverend

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