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Finding Cheap Glasses – My Adventure to Get New Specs!

Finding Cheap Glasses – My Adventure Get New Specs!

My glasses have seen better days. I bought them many, many, years ago from Vision Express. They were the most expensive glasses I ever purchased, even though I got them for a bargain. I knew I couldn’t get another pair as they stopped selling this style. I also couldn’t get another pair as they cost so much. They are Raybans, had super-thinned lenses that had reactive in them. Mucho Mucho mullah! What I need are some cheap glasses so I headed online to get some.

Finding New Glasses


I hate trying on new glasses in a store. Being a glasses wearer I find the concept of removing the glasses I need to see, to put on some glasses that mean I CAN’T see, to judge whether I want to wear these new glasses for the next 3-5 years, a stressful one. Adding in a sales assistant, who has worked in an opticians for more than zero time but insists in asking you what you think of the glasses you are wearing, but can’t actually see, only increases the stress!

For this reason I wanted to avoid going into an optician and find a way of getting my next pair of glasses online. A quick google said this would be possible. Phew!

Glasses Direct

There are a few companies that offer glasses by post. I chose Glasses Direct as they would send me 4 pairs to try on at home, for free. This meant I could try them on with no stress, take plenty of photos, and send them back easily. Although you can only add 4 pairs of glasses to your home-trial, once you send these back you are able to choose another set to try on. Not the quickest way to try on lots of pairs but how many pairs of glasses do you try on at the opticians anyway? Glasses Direct have a number of different frames for sale so you can buy cheap glasses or more expensive frames, if you’d like.

Home Trail #1

As it had been so long since I last bought glasses, I want to try glasses on that were similar to my rimless Rayban glasses. I filtered the list of glasses by size and there was only 1 pair of rimless that I liked and I added this to my trial. I also chose 2 pairs of semi-rimless and then a pair of full-framed. 2 days after requesting the trial online the box fell through my letter box.

I tried all the glasses on and took photos. For some reason I decided to not smile in any of the pictures! I’m not usually this grumpy in real life.

Glasses Direct - Cheap Glasses Set 1

The rimless glasses had too much ‘glass’ for my liking. The semi-rimmed ones had too much ‘rim’ and the full-framed I quite liked in a ‘different’ kind of way.

Sending them back was super easy. Glasses Direct provide a pre-printed returns label that you can just drop off at the Post Office and get tracking. Once Glasses Direct get the glasses back you can arrange your next Home Trial.

Home Trail #2

I went for a slightly smaller frame size than the last trial and this offered more rimless frames. For the 2nd trial I ordered 3 rimless and 1 full-frame pair. They arrived 2 days after ordering, again, which shows you how well they manage to get what you want delivered quickly.

Learning from my previous photos, I gave a smile for these.

Glasses Direct - Cheap Glasses Set 2

The rimless ones all looked very similiar. One of these did have quite a big difference to the others and didn’t actually have any hinges. The arms were just ‘sprung’ with no moving parts. I’ve not seen glasses like this before and I’m unsure whether I want them or not.

Cheap Glasses - Hingless Glasses

The final pair reminded me to NHS Specs of old. Not that there is anything wrong with NHS Spec but they were big and bulky. I don’t know if they suit me but I’ve had rimless glasses for so long that I don’t know if it is just ‘change’ I’m unsure of.

Decisions Decisions

Ideally I want two pairs of glasses and I *think* I want one rimless and one with a frame. I’ve got plenty got choose from but I’m waiting until I have my eye test to make the decision. When I put the first request in for a home trial Glasses Direct were offering 50% off and Buy One Get One For Free (BOGOFF!) with the code ‘EXTRA50’ however this expired on the 16th September. There goes the most cheap glasses I could find! It is worth checking out the website to see if they have another code you can use.

The Reverend’s Final Thought

Glasses are expensive. I’m not really sure why? And I’m just talking about the frames, not even the lenses! Going into an opticians I tried on frames that were £300-£400! When you add the lenses on top of this I could be spending nearly £500 on a single pair of glasses. You will need an up-to-date prescription if you are ordering new glasses. If you are overdue an eye test check out my blog post where I got a free eye test!

Free Eye Test with Vision Express







  1. This is amaaaaaazing! I’ve been umming and aahing over online glasses for a few years and every time chicken out, thinking ‘Specsavers is the safer option’. I’ve still ended up with glasses from there this year with a poor prescription (hence I don’t even wear the glasses now as they make me a little cross-eyed!), frames that are pretty uncomfortable and don’t suit my face (not that anything suits this ugly mug) because of their small range. Shame you missed out on that other discount code from September but as you say, keep your eyes peeled for any others! I’ll bookmark this as I do intend to try online specs now, far cheaper and I’m not getting the benefit I once thought I was with the likes of Specsavers. Very nicely covered write-up! xx

    1. Hi Caz/InvisiblyMe,

      I used to use SpecSavers but found they didn’t give a good eye-test. It felt very rushed and I really like like that.

      I found Vision Express give me eyetests that I feel are appropriate (and I’ve got a free code on my blog for an eye test from them).

      My glasses have arrived and I love them. I’ve also had some good comments about how they look.



      The Reverend

  2. I had my eyes lasered a few years back but I remember the struggle of trying to find affordable eyewear all too well! Great to see there are other options out there that’ll help people with the cost of something that’s so fundamental to them.

    1. Hi Ar,

      I’ve always wanted to not wear glasses and would love to get my eyes lasered but I’m very worried that it would go wrong.

      I also worked with a guy who was the ‘1 in 10000’ who got dry eye. I think he had the whole office bugged as if anyone even discussed laser eye surgery then he’d pop-up and tell you how it is the worst decision he ever made.

      How did you find it?


      The Reverend

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