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Shark – Super Fast Delivery!

A bit of a different post today, highlighting some great work that Shark have done recently.

Shark Vacuum Cleaners

I purchased a cordless Shark Vacuum cleaner around Christmas time. It was a refurb unit from Shark themselves and about £70 off list price. It has been a great little hoover to do the small hoovering jobs around the home. One of the things you have with cordless vacuums is that they do have a finite battery that only lasts a period of time before it needs charging. We found this was enough to do most the vacuuming in our home and we could re-charge the battery overnight. This meant that it wasn’t a huge problem for us.

Spare Shark Cordless Vacuum Battery


an image of the shark replacement battery from their website

For ease of my life (you know how it is) I thought I’d purchase a spare battery for the vacuum cleaner. I’m always a bit dubious of buying non-branded batteries and have seen first hand someone’s phone battery expand – they had purchased a cheap unbranded battery. For this reason I headed to the Shark website to see how much they would be.

For £60 I could get a brand new battery that can be charged by my current charger and double the vacuuming time. This sounded like a bargain. Add in that you could get cashback from TopCashback and it works out even cheaper. When I looked it was already £10 reduced in price so it was the best price to buy the branded battery from the manufacturer.

Shark Dual Charging Dock

A screenshot of the replacement Shark Battery and dual charge kit from the Shark Website

Also offered by Shark is a dual charging dock. This is £30 and allows you to charge 2 batteries at the same time. I’m not sure in this home I’ll need to use 2 batteries up completely when vacuuming but having the dual charger will mean I can make sure the batteries are both fully charged when needed. In total an extra £90 could get me a battery AND a charger.

Shark Freedom Pack

A screenshot of the Shark Freedom Pack showing the battery in the dual battery charger

Shark offer a pack that includes a Dual Charging dock and a new battery. This is on offer for £80 so an additional saving of £10 on buying the items separately. Based on this…. I’ll get this item ordered…. Or maybe not!


The Shark Freedom Pack is showing out of stock. This was annoying as although it is only £10 more expensive to purchase separately, its still £10 more expensive and I love my £10! They look so good in my wallet rather than other people’s!

Chat Away


While on the Shark website I saw they had a ‘chat with us’ option. I clicked on that and explained to the representative that I wanted to the Shark Freedom Pack but it was out of stock – did they know when it would be back in stock? Unfortunately they advised me that it was actually discontinued and wouldn’t be coming back into stock. Dejected I thought of just buying them separately but then the customer support rep suggested they could put an order through for me for the two items separately and then they would add a £10 discount to make it the same price as the Shark Freedom Pack. Excellent!


After a little confusion I managed to place the order at 9.52 on Tuesday Morning. This fact will come in handy later! Shark offer free next day delivery on ‘most’ orders so I didn’t need to pay any delivery charge. Due to the Pando’ they are ‘aiming’ for next day delivery but ask you wait 2-4 days before contacting them. Based on this I thought I might get the items on Thursday or Friday or even during the weekend. There wasn’t a rush at all as I still had one battery.

The Flash Delivers

I should have been checking my phone at 7am on Wednesday morning. If I had done I’d have seen the text message they had sent me saying the delivery would be between 7.14 and 8.14 that morning. At 7.14 the bell rang and it was my items that I’d ordered from Shark. What an amazing service. I was going to stay this is the fastest delivery service I’ve experienced but I do use Amazon’s same day delivery option HOWEVER this is the fastest next day delivery service that has been free! Less than 24 Hours after ordering the items were in my hand! Amazing!

An image of a text from Shark advising of a delivery slot between 7.14 and 8.14am

The Reverend’s Final Thought

Replacement/New batteries can be a bit of a minefield with so many offerings showing on Amazon and eBay. Sometimes you can forget that the manufacturers themselves do often sell the parts  you need. By ordering from the Shark website directly and chatting to the customer service rep I was able to buy what I wanted for a price I was happy to pay. The TopCashback was an added bonus that has already tracked.


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