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How to find your personalised Amazon Discount Codes and Vouchers

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If you are looking to see what personalised discounts Amazon is offering you then you will love this link. Amazon offer you a single page to confirm what special extra codes and discounts you have access to.

Amazon Discounts

Amazon Personalised Discounts

These are the list of discounts I currently have that are visible from my personalised page. Your discounts might look different, especially if you have already claimed some of them.

Amazon offers are always changing so you might find after Christmas there are new offers in there for you to take advantage of.

£6 Promotion Code when You Purchase £60 Gift Card

An extra 10% when you buy a £60 gift card is probably the ‘normal’ extra that Amazon offers people on their first gift card purchase. Although I have taken up an offer like this before (I *think* it was £8 on a £80 gift card) I am able to apply this offer to my account. Looking at the T&Cs it looks like they allow anyone who hasn’t purchased a gift card in the last 36 months (3 years) will be able to grab it this time.

Amazon 10% Giftcard Bonus

Lots of Offers, Tailored to you

You can see from my screenshot that there are offers for clothing, Audible, Giftcards and Amazon music. This link will show you what you have and what you could get.

Do check back regularly and see what extra offers Amazon is offering you.



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