January 2016 Money Making Summary

Starting 2016 with a challenge to make some extra cash. I have a target for January and that is £200.

Small Change Pot = £56.38
MB = £104.38
TCB = £48.92
Jons 100 post challenge = £10
Refund on TV Purchased = £65
Travel Treats TCB = £0.10
Lotto Win = £19

January Total = £303.68

2016 running total

A great first month. Smashing my target by over 50%. I’m interested in stats so lets look at it as a pie-chart.January2016

By far the largest contribution was Matched Betting however it was only a third of my total and without it I would have still been at my £200 target value. My small change pot made a healthy 20% of the total but I’m not sure how regular that will be.

2016 has gone off to a GREAT start. I look forward to the following months bringing me more money related excitement and challenges.


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