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How I made nearly £500 from a Risk Free Bet

This is a cut/paste from the forum I use for my money making/saving exploits. TL;DR – I walked away with nearly £500 from a £50 risk free bet, but I could have had £850.

What a roller-coaster of emotions that was! As part of the Matched Betting I had a £50 in play offer at B365. Belgium scored an early goal and the odds on Wales to win jumped from 5.5 to 17. It started jumping around the 15 to 17 mark regularly and I thought that Wales had been doing well so far and it wouldn’t be impossible for them to win this. It would be more than probable that they would get at least 1 goal giving the draw. So when the odds next went to 17 I put the £50 risk free bet on it. Bam! I’m in! Now there really wasn’t the market to match bet this properly and seeing as it was risk-free I thought I would let it go and maybe, if wales get a goal, I could cash out for £50 profit.

They Think Its All Over

A few minutes later and it happened! Wales scored a goal!

The cash out option appeared in credit and was showing £121. Take off the £50 bet and I would have been £70 in profit. I needed some guidance so headed over to the excellent Matched Betting thread on TMS and Jon & Askgar appeared like a devil and angel on my shoulders.

Seeing as I’d already had a ‘dose of the Jons’ in placing the bet and not matching it, I thought I’d leave it running a bit longer. Yellow cards were being dished out like cheap E’s in a Manchester nightclub and the cash out option was tumbling. First to £105 and then to £96. I’d missed my chance. Still….£46 profit would be better than the match betting profit from the offer so I was quids in. Then the Devil (Jon) was saying, “Let it ride! You don’t know what is going to happen!” The Angel (Askgar) was being very helpful telling me the option to underlay and what I’d get.

There were some good Belgium attacks and I was worried a goal would be scored and the cash-out option would drop like a stone. I felt that if it went to £121+ again I would cash out, take my £70 profit and enjoy the rest of the game.

It Is Now

Half time comes and I’m thinking of under-laying. Askgar points out that the liquidity goes once half-time has been and gone. Half-time went and so did the liquidity. It was back to £105 cash out. And then to £121. My finger hovering over the cash-out option. Then in the 55th minute – Kane scored! 2-1 to Wales!

Cash-out jumped to £425!

With the Devil saying stay in the game and the Angel advising me the lay options to lock in a profit I really didn’t know what to do. I know nothing of football and really had no idea if Belgium would win/draw whatever. If I kept the bet running I might get £850 but I might also get nothing. Belgium really attacked hard but the Welsh defense kept the goal clear. I kept thinking if someone offered me £400 right now, I’d take it so why should I let the bet continue. The cash-out option went up to £492. I said to myself, “If that hits £500 I’m going to cash out.” It was at this point I realised that I was being stupid. It was as close to £500 as makes no difference. I clicked the cash out button. Done!

£440 profit.

I did put a £10 bet on Belgium to win at 11-1 just in case but it wasn’t to be. Later in the game Wales scored a 3rd goal and the crowd, supporters, TV people went WILD!

Sure, I could have got an extra £300 but the reality is I could have easily went away with nothing.

July starts £440 up thanks to this risk free bet. Which is roughly what my new washing machine cost so that can now be paid for in full – Its on paypal IFC 4 month plan.

My target for July is now £650 and I really hope to get to this figure.

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