Get £5 Free With Curve (aff)


Another Offer of Some Free Cash for February!

Using my unique code you can get a free £5 from the Curve App.

Banner Call to Action to get a Curve card and a free £5

What is Curve?


Curve is an app that pulls together all your bank cards into one app but more importantly, it gives you your own ‘Curve‘ Mastercard which you can then use to pay but the funds are taken from one of your standard cards.

This means you only need to take out 1 card and then you can just alter which card the funds are taken from through the Curve app.

What Benefits does Curve Offer?

There are a lot of new banks that have appeared recently. Curve is not a new bank – it is just a new way to pay.

  • It allows you to lock your card whenever you want, which is great for times you misplace it.
  • It doesn’t need ‘top ups’ as this isn’t another bank account. All payments come through your existing bank accounts.
  • If you ever pay with the wrong card, you can ‘Go Back In Time’ and swap the payment to the card you did mean to use.

Something I have noticed is that I get the notification on my Apple iWatch as soon as I’ve used the card. Not minutes later (like my ‘normal’ bank) but before I’ve even put the card away. That’s pretty impressive.

Screenshot of the Curve App with a Natwest Visa joined to it

Also Get Cashback From Curve!

For the first 90 days you can instantly get 1% cashback when you select the 3 retailers you want to get cashback from. If your linked card also gets you cashback then you will get this additional 1% as well as your standard bank’s cashback. What a result!

The retailers are limited (it isn’t all retailers) but does include Amazon and TFL so there should be enough choice for you to start earning cashback with Curve.

A Screenshot of the cashback earned via the Curve App

How to Get Your Free Bonus £5

  • Step 1 – Click Here
  • Step 2 – Sign up and download the app
  • Step 3 – Link a card to the app
  • Step 4 – Sign your card and activate it when it arrives
  • Step 5 – Buy something you would normally use your standard bank card *THIS MUST BE DONE WITHIN 7 DAYS*
  • Step 6 – The Bonus £5 will be added as 500 Curve Cash Points

Banner Call to Action to get a Curve card and a free £5

Don’t Forget Your Cashback


The cashback is collected for the first 90 days from setting it up so make sure you remember to use the Curve Card to make payments at these shops. Its easy to do and gets you 1% in Curve Points. Add this to any TopCashback or Quidco cashback and you could be making even more money when you make your purchases.

The Reverend’s Final Thought

This looks to be a great deal for people who want to make some big purchases at one of the many cashback-generating retailers. Its also good for anyone who just wants a free fiver. One of the things that appealed to me is that you aren’t giving them access to all your banking history via Open Banking – this isn’t a new bank or savings app – it is just a new card to make your payments via.

The Reverend’s Tip

If you have a cashback bank card/credit card then you could combine this Curve cashback with TopCashback/Quidco AND ALSO your bank’s cashback. Three times the cashback for little effort.



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