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What a time we are currently having! Everyone is at home all the time and we are all bored senseless! Do you know what the best thing to do now is? It’s to start doing all those tasks you have been putting off because you don’t usually have the time. This blog post is to highlight one of those tasks and help you check you are getting a good deal from your energy supplier while adding points to your Nectar points balance. Sainsbury’s Energy have partnered with me to make you aware of a great offer they currently have on. Sainsbury’s Energy are offering up to 10,000 Nectar Points for switching to them by the 30th April, 2020.

If you are looking for something back from your energy supplier then Sainsbury’s Energy’s Fix and Reward tariffs could be exactly what you are looking for. Not only do they offer a decent price for your energy needs, but they also offer two ways to increase your Nectar points balance.

Bonus Points for Joining – Dual Fuel

If you switch your gas and electricity to the 2 Year Fixed Fix & Reward tariff then you’d normally receive 8,000 Nectar points. This is worth £40! However, until 30th April 2020, Sainsbury’s Energy are offering an additional 2,000 bonus Nectar points worth another £10. So that is £50 worth of Nectar points straight away.

Triple Points on All Sainsbury’s Shopping

As well as the bonus 10,000 Nectar points for switching your gas and electricity to the 2 Year Fix & Reward tariff, you would also qualify for triple points on all Sainsbury’s shopping for the life of your tariff. If you sign up to both fuels, you can receive a maximum of up to 7,000 Nectar points per year. That means you could get up to 14,000 Nectar points during the 2 years of the tariff. If you added this £70 to your initial bonus £50, you would have £130 worth of Nectar points just from swapping your energy supplier.

Queries You May Have About Changing Energy Provider

Keep The Supply – Change The Supplier

One of the questions people ask when looking for a new energy supplier is whether their gas & electricity will actually change? The answer is the actual electricity and gas you receive remains exactly the same as before. They use the same pipes, the same generators and you are given the same supply that you had before. All that changes, is the name of the supplier at the top of the bill – and hopefully the price!

Too Good To Be True

Another issue with a ‘race to the bottom’ with pricing is that the companies just can’t maintain a service on the small margin above the wholesale price they are charging. An unexpected hike in wholesale prices mean that they can’t continue trading and you are left worrying about who will take it over your account.

(No) Customer Service

To help maintain profit margins you’ll find some energy providers don’t offer the level of customer support you need. I find a measure of a company isn’t how they treat you when things are going well, but how they treat you when things aren’t. Staff require office space and other expenditures that need paying for. To reduce costs, companies can hire call centre staff based overseas. Its cheaper to not have the number of staff required and just hope your customers don’t complain, or even worse, leave.

Sainsbury’s Energy Is Different

Sainsbury’s Energy UK Based Contact Centre

Another benefit of joining Sainsbury’s Energy is that they have a UK based Contact Centre. Even better is that they are on a freefone number – 0808 196 1705 – so the call will be free whether you make it from a land line or a mobile phone. Sainsbury’s Energy also have a ‘Treating Customers Fairly’ Standard of Conduct to outline how the relationship you have with them should go. I particularly like this section.

“We will tell you the truth – especially if we have made a mistake. If you have a complaint we will make the process as painless, transparent and timely as possible. We will tell you what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how long it will take.”

– Sainsbury’s Energy Website

Exit Fees Refunded

Image showing that Sainsbury's Energy offer upto £30 exit fee refund per fuel if you join

If you do want to move to the 2 Year Fix & Reward tariff by the 30th April 2020, but your current supplier has an exit fee then Sainsbury’s Energy will cover the cost of this up to £30 per fuel. Many suppliers have exit fees if you leave within a certain period so this could save you up to an additional £60.

Fixed for 2 years

The final benefit of Sainsbury’s Energy’s 2 Year Fix & Reward tariff is that it is fixed for those two years. Gas is currently the cheapest it has been in the past 10 years and Electricity was last this cheap back in 2016 so it is possible a wholesale price rise could be on the cards. Locking in a price now while the wholesale costs are so low could mean that you save even more money if there is a price rise in the next two years.

Get A Sainsbury’s Energy Quote Today

If you like the sound of all those bonus Nectar points and the UK contact centre, and you’d like to find out more then click the banner below to get a no-obligation quote from Sainsbury’s Energy.  If you want the full 10,000 bonus Nectar points and your exit fees refunded then you will need to switch your gas and electricity by the 30th April 2020. However, if you switch both fuels to the 2 Year Fix & Reward tariff after this then you’ll still get 8,000 bonus Nectar points and triple points on your Sainsbury’s shopping.Sainsbury's Energy Banner Image Showing 10,000 bonus Nectar points offer and triple points on Sainsbury's shopping

*Full Terms and Conditions apply – see sainsburysenergy.com




  1. Triple points on Sainsbury’s shops for the tariff’s duration sounds like a nice way to sweeten the deal on top of the initial points boost. I’ve seen their Energy advertised on the Nectar site before but admit I knew nothing about them as a supplier or what kind of reviews they get. It’s interesting to see how they operate and move you to the fixed term is quite appealing given concerns of more price hikes. Fantastic write-up, very helpful!

    1. Hi Caz / Invisibly Me,

      Triple points on shopping is a great offer. The other benefit is that Sainsburys and Nectar hold a double-up event (usually in November) where certain items in store and online can be purchased using points that have been ‘double up-ed’. This means that if you get the maximum points available from this switch offer, and convert them to the double-up vouchers, then you will have the spending power of 48,000 points – worth £240!

      Last year the qualifying items included Taste The Difference alcoholic drinks, electricals, clothing and gifts – so there is plenty to spend your bonus Nectar points on.


      The Reverend

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