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Quidco’s 15th Birthday Game – All Clues And Tips (aff)

(if you are looking for the latest Quidco Squid-hunt then check out this post – https://thereverend.co.uk/blog/competition/quidcos-sweet-16-game-all-clues-and-tips-aff/ )


It it *Quidco‘s 15th Birthday and to celebrate they have released a team of Squid(co)s! Join in this fun game and try to grab some of the free cash!

A banner image with cartoon squids on promoting the £1000 Birthday Prize Pot on Quidco

Squid Hunt!


There are 15 Squids to catch – Here is where I’ve found them.

  1. SquidcoOn Your Account Page – I got mine on the withdrawl statement page.
  2. Squidmo 17/6 – CarFinance24/7 / AA Loans / loan / TSB Loan / Post Office Loans /  18/6 – Etsy / Not On The High Street
  3. Kraken – 17/6 – Benson for Beds / Dreams
  4. Winnie – Boots
  5. Jentacle EE Smart Watches 10/6 = Uber Kids
  6. Squillion Gap 10/6 = Just Eat/Dominos/Pizza Hut Delivery 15/6 Create & Craft / The Craft Company / The Crafter’s Companion
  7. Scooter 14/6 = B & Q / Wayfair 15/6 = Learning 247
  8. Dr Octo – Check back Later (presumed not active yet)
  9. iSquid 17/6 – Tooledup.com / ToolDen / Powertool World / Zoro / Blaupunkt Tools / 18/6 – The Book Depository / AbeBooks
  10. Compy Scottish Friendly 10/6 = Post Office Loans / AA Loans / TSB Loans 15/6 – MyProtein
  11. Mollux 10/6 = Watch2U  / The Watch Hut  15/6 – Ernest Jones / H Samuel / Swarovski
  12. Squid Rock – 16/6 – Dawsons Music / The DJ Shop / Instruments4music
  13. Wally – Appliances Direct 10/6 = Rutland Cycles / Halfords 14/6 – Fragrance Direct 15/6 Order Beer
  14. Ziggy – eBay
  15. Sir Inksalot Currently on Jewellry retailers – only for 2 hours on Friday so far. – Check back Later (presumed not active yet) 14/6 – Cycles UK / Rutland Cycling 15/6 Mr Porter

They appear on certain pages and if you click the links you will get clues to find them. Be warned, even if it looks like there is a squid on the page, you wont always be able to catch it! Have you found one? Let me know in the comments below!

Find them all and you have a chance of winning £1000 with *Quidco!

Individual Squid Prizes

There are 4 SquidSquads you can collect for chances at additional Prizes

£1 Amazon Voucher – Techie Squad

Get iSquid, Compy and Ziggy

£5 Amazon Voucher – Showtime Squad

Get Mollux, Squid Rock and Wally

£15 Amazon Voucher – Fanciful Squad

Get Squidmo, Winnie and Jentacle

£100 Amazon Voucher – Heroes and Villians

Get Scooter, Dr Octo and Sir Inksalot

Hints and Tips

Q. The icon might appear on the page but you can’t catch the Squid?
A. Come back later/refresh the page

An screenshot showing the image displayed if you don't manage to catch a squid

Q. Are all Squids available now?
A. It doesn’t look like it based on the ‘hints’ – some say ‘check back later’ so I guess they will be released later in the competition.

Q. Is there one correct answer per Squid?
A. Based on my findings so far, there can be multiple ‘correct’ answers per Squid.

Let me know if you have any other questions?

What is Quidco?

*Quidco is a Cashback Website where you earn money back if you click through their links to websites. If you aren’t a member yet, you should join. I have a blog post outlining how you can earn money without spending a penny! www.thereverend.co.uk/blog/Quidco




  1. ‪Your answers don’t seem to make sense to me, e.g Jentacle is looking for shades – answer EE Smart Watches. I have found a few squids for two days running. Clicked on the squid a few times but I get the opps message. Not wasting any more time on this “game”. In fact my first my cashback was refused so going back to @Top_CashBack.

    1. Hello Arthur Dee,

      It looks like they have changed some of the clues. I’ll have to keep an eye on it and update.

      Thanks for letting me know.


      The Reverend

  2. Look at Quidco’s Instagram (or other social media but I found Insta easiest) to see which ones have changed location

  3. The squids move. Any idea re current locations as the original ones are all out of date now. Cheers

    1. Hi Julie,

      I’ll check through this tomorrow and see how best I can make sure they are up to date.


      The Reverend

  4. YES, I’m so glad you posted this! I’ve been going back to this on Quidco every now and then over the past few days but 9 times out of 10, no matter if you click it within a second of it popping up, the character has already gone. I’ve got three (all in different categories, of course) but can’t get any more. Will go through them again with the help of your clues and suggestions though I won’t be holding my breath. I miss their old games where you’re more likely to get something, albeit maybe only 30p. Thank you and good luck!! xx

    1. Hi Caz / InvisiblyMe,

      I find the Quidco games more fun/involved that other cashback site competitions but I don’t tend to win so much.

      They change the clues regularly and some squids only appear for a couple of hours so keep an eye out on the Quidco Twitter feed to make sure you don’t miss one.


      The Reverend

  5. It seems that clues are very random and possibly differ for each user?

    I have got 10 out of 15, but the rest seem to be always unavailable.

    And somehow, within those 5 are one from each of the smaller prizes (plus Kraken)… so, even with 10 finds, no wins.

    Still few more days to go – fingers crossed!

    1. I’m the same found 10 others unavailable clue says come back tomorrow but it said that yesterday none of the 10 win any prizes. Very frustrating

  6. I too have 10 out of 15 squid – with no prizes – and the remaining 5 are all unavailable. There is only one day to go, hopefully some of these squid will wake up before the end of the competition tomorrow.

    1. Hi Steph,

      I’ve already found Winnie so I can’t search for them anymore.


      The Reverend

  7. The competition has now been extended an extra 3 days – until Friday. Perhaps because 5 squids – the key to every prize – have never been available?

  8. Completely pointless trying to find the missing squids today. They did site maintenance this morning and since it went live again I get Error 404 page not found on lots of the pages I click on which match the clues. This game wasn’t working well to start with and this for me has confirmed it’s a total waste of my time.

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