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I’ve seen a few people talk about SwagBucks and I wondered what it was. A visit to SwagBucks showed that it was a click harvesting website so your earnt money from clicking links and completing various tasks. You earn SwagBucks for each task. Some get you 1 SwagBuck (1SB) while completing a bingo sign-up could get you 1000SB or more.

It does sound like a daunting task but its a case of a small amount of time every day will add up. SwagBucks offers a few additional ways to increase the number of SwagBucks you can get.

Daily Goal

Goal 1

Goal 1

There are two stages to this bonus. The first is that once you have collected 40SB you get 4SB as a bonus. You might think it is only 4SB but really its a 10% bonus for doing nothing you weren’t doing anyway. 40SB is easy to get and could be got with just one survey.

Goal 2 is a little harder but not out of reach of anyone.

Swagbucks Daily Goal 2
Swagbucks Daily Goal 2

Collect 110SB and you get another 10% bonus to take your 110SB to 121SB. The total of this means you can get an extra 15SB just for getting 110SB. Easy to do and if you get both of these for a whole week you’ll have enough to get yourself your first voucher!



The Daily To-Do List

A smaller bonus than the 2 daily goals but your Daily To-Do list will count towards your Daily Goals.

There are 5 actions you need to take to get your bonus 1SB

Swagbucks Daily To-Do

  1. The Poll is easy, with just a click of the mouse you give your opinion on something and earn 1SB for it.
  2. The Search populates a search through Swagbuck’s own search engine. You don’t need to click anything except the link to take you to the ‘Daily Search’ and you get your tick on the To-Do list
  3. The Watch takes you to a link on SwagBucks where you get paid SB to watch videos. The shortest playlist is 6 videos and if you watch all the videos you’ll get 1SB or you can watch 20 videos and get 3SB. I’m not sure how they check that you’ve watched them and not just played the video. 6 videos probably take 18-20 minutes but if they are playing in the background, is it a huge problem that they are auto-playing in the background? 😉
  4. The Discover link takes you through a section of SwagBucks that mirrors the cashback sites like TopCashBack. The twist here is that you don’t earn actual cash, you earn SB. Of course you can convert these SB into cash so it is worth while checking out the rate before you choose to click through SB (or TCB for that matter) to make sure you get the most return for your purchase. This is the link which usually isn’t ticked from my daily tasks.
  5. Daily Answer is just completing a survey (or just getting the 1SB for trying it but not qualifying for it). Easy to do and can take a few minutes for a quick survey or 30 minutes for the longer ones. But you’d be trying a survey everyday on Swagbucks anyway to increase your SB total.

At the end of the day, my To-Do list generally looks like this;-

Swagbucks 4 out of 5

But I get my extra 1SB so I don’t mind not getting the Daily Discover.

Your Inbox

You should also check out your SwagBucks Inbox as you will receive offers through there on top of the other offers showing on the site. These offers can vary from being a suggestion of a bingo site to join or maybe a partner survey site to join. Here is an example of what my SwagBucks Inbox looks like.

Swagbucks Inbox

My inbox has 525SB on offer so a healthy bonus there to be claimed.


Based on you getting to Goal 2 on a daily basis you can expect a £5 Amazon voucher on a weekly basis. £20 a month through not having to do much. You can, of course, complete more than just the two daily goals and earn more money. I will post up some more tips and tricks to increase your SwagBucks numbers!

My current total looks like this… so you see you can make some simple and easy profit through SwagBucks.

My Swagbucks



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  1. You’ve Probably already figured this out by now but if you click on ‘Daily Discover’ on your to-do list and then click on the link that it brings up on the next page each day then it will tick off the ‘Daily Discover’ action. You don’t actually have to complete the offer advertised, just visit the page and you can complete your to-do list every day and get a higher SB bonus.

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