Task 360 Home Working – Diary and Update

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Task 360 – a story of my journey into App based casual work/mystery shopping!

Day 1 – 23/10/16

No jobs near me. Zooming out on the app and there are some jobs 10 miles away but they aren’t easy for me to get to.

Day 2 – 24/10/16

1 job near me. Checking Nappies. I have 2 hours to do the job and for completing it I will get a £7 fee. It is on the way home so I will be able to do this with no issues.

Day 3 – 25/10/16

No jobs near me today.

Day 4 – 26/10/16

No jobs near me

Day 5 – 27/10/16

Checked this morning, no jobs.

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