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The Takeaway Delivery Rip-Off

Or …

How to avoid paying over-the-odds for your takeaway

(if you are looking for discount codes for Uber Eats then check out this blog post)

A funny thing happened to me the other day. I decided to jump on Uber Eats to get a takeaway delivered. They had emailed me a 25% off discount code (up to £10) so I thought I could get a bargain…how wrong I was!

Uber Eats – Takeaway Delivery

When Uber decided to get into the food delivery market they shook up the Hungry House / Just Eat monopoly. There was a bit of a race to give out discount codes to encourage people to use the apps and it felt like, as a consumer, we were finally benefiting to having multiple players in the takeaway delivery market.

A Change Isn’t Always Good


Recently Uber Eats has decided to change their charging model. Every order now attracts a ‘service’ charge as well as a ‘delivery’ charge. The Service fee is 10% of the total order value (excluding delivery & discount code). What is misleading is that you’d assume a ‘service’ fee may go to the driver for providing the delivery ‘service’ however it actually goes to Uber Eats for providing the ‘service’ of you ordering from the takeaway.

But this isn’t even what I’m highlighting today!

Double Check Your Order

So I created my takeaway order on Uber Eats for my local Chinese.

  • Crispy Shredded Chilli Beef
  • Beef Fried Ho-Fan
  • Stir-fried Broccoli
  • King Prawns with Salt & Chilli
  • Crispy Aromatic Duck

A screenshot of an Uber Eats takeaway order from the Uber Eats app

I do live in London but even I was shocked when this came to over £45! £45.70 for just the food. Then there was a £4.57 ‘service’ fee and a 99p delivery fee (they are local so I’m charged less for delivery. Tottal price for 5 items from my local takeaway was £51.26!  I’d be able to use a 25% voucher (max £10 discount) but even I felt that £41.26 seemed a little high for my order.

As my finger hovered over the order button I thought, why not check to see if you can get it cheaper.

Off to Just Eat

I fired up the Just Eat app, found the same restaurant and put my takeaway order in again….

  • Crispy Shredded Chilli Beef
  • Beef Fried Ho-Fan
  • Stir-fried Broccoli
  • King Prawns with Salt & Chilli
  • Crispy Aromatic Duck

A screen shot of a takeaway order on the Just Eat app

Total food cost was £32.50 and delivery was ZERO. I did choose to pay by credit card so there was a 50p service charge – total cost was £33 – almost £20 cheaper than UberEats was looking to charge me for EXACTLY THE SAME FOOD from EXACTLY THE SAME TAKEAWAY (before the discount code).

You can also get cashback from TopCashback from Just Eat so it works out even cheaper. They are currently paying 24.75% cashback for new accounts or 1.65% for existing accounts.

We need ‘Compare The Takeaways’

Ordering the same meal from the same takeaway works out as almost 40% more expensive from Uber Eats. Even as a monetary value of £20 – if you ordered takeaway once a week then every 3rd one would be free! There would even be a few quid left to grab a bottle of wine or a couple of cans from the corner shop. During the pandemic we have seen a rise in food costs across the board but I didn’t expect to see such a big difference between Uber Eats and Just Eat. What we need is a couple of friendly Meercats to help us check to see which takeaway delivery supplier is cheapest. Remember, this is the same order from the same takeaway – this is literally comparing apples with apples (or crispy chilli beef with crispy chilli beef).

The Reverend’s Final Thought


I originally was going to order from Uber Eats as they had given me a 25% off voucher with a max £10 discount. Seeing as their delivery charge was going to be almost £5 that was half of the discount. So really I was getting £5 off my food which was already £15 more expensive from another supplier. They could have given me a £15 discount and it would have still be cheaper to go via Just Eat.

I’m sure it isn’t always the case but it does highlight that it is worth checking the cost of your takeaway from any possible supplier in case you can get the food cheaper.

You could always stop the takeaways completely. Why not create a meal plan and enjoy home cooked food every day of the week. It will certainly be cheaper and more probably tastier than anything you could get delivered.



  1. Almost £20 difference in the same order between the two companies – it certainly pays to compare! Wow. I’ve never used UberEats and yet my vibe has always been more negative towards them compared with JustEat. Maybe I just hear about JustEat more, I’m not sure. The service charge issue, however, is so bloody cheeky! I would have expected that to go to the drivers, not the company already making a tidy profit. Fantastic post that will hopefully save others a couple of quid next time they think they’re getting a deal on their takeaway!

    1. Hi Caz / InvisiblyMe,

      Hopefully it will save some people some money. Uber as plenty of cash behind it so I’m not sure why they need to drive so much profit from food delivery.

      Glad you found it useful.


      The Reverend

  2. Don’t forget the commission charged to the restaurant as well.
    I believe Uber and Deliveroo charge up to 30%; with just eat charging around 15%, which is paid by the restaurant direct out of the value of the order.
    Just eat is lower as they tend to use the restaurants own drivers

    1. Hi Rik,

      I was very surprised – enough so to blog about it!

      Its important to check that the tempting vouchers you get sent don’t hide a larger over all cost when you are ordering takeaway.


      The Reverend

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