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Uber Eats Discount Code – 50% Off

There is a Uber Eats 50% off code available at the moment. I thought I’d try this to grab lunch while Working From Home today.

What is Uber Eats?

Uber Eats is a food delivery service from Uber, the cab company. Think of it as just another version of Deliveroo but it can have different restaurants available.

How Do I Get Uber Eats?


Click This link and sign up – if you are a new user you can add the Promo Code “eats-ubertwon” for £15 off your 1st order!


Uber Eats is available on both iOS and Android. You can also order online via a computer.A screenshot of the Uber Eats Discount Code for new users

Discount Code

Until the 6th June you can get 50% off an Uber Eats order using the Promo Code “BRINGTHATDEAL”. This code reduces the cost of the order by 50% upto a maximum of £15. I used this code myself so I know that it works but there are reports that it doesn’t work for some accounts.

Other Codes

People are also reporting that Promo Code “BRINGINGFOOD” is working for them. Promo Code “FOOD30” Is giving 30% off the order to a maximum discount of £6.

Reduce your Takeaway Food Costs (if you can collect)

Uber Eats charges a delivery fee AND a service charge. This can be considerable – the delivery charge can be £5, and when you add a service charge on top you can easily add £7-8 to an order cost. If you live close enough to a restaurant that you can collect, then change the app to ‘collection’ rather than delivery and then use the Promo code to reduce your order. This was you avoid the delivery charge and can walk into a restaurant you were planning to get food from anyway and save yourself £££.

Reduce Your Takeaway Food Costs (if you want delivery)


If you are willing to be a bit flexible on who you are ordering from then check out the ‘Free Delivery Promotion’ section of the app as it offers places where if you order from them, the delivery charge is waived. It may not be from places you thought you’d order from but you could get the opportunity to discover a new place. It does show you what the delivery charge would normally be and these have ranged from 49p to £3+ so make sure the saving is worth the reduced offerings.A Screenshot of the Uber Eats app showing the free delivery option

The Reverend’s Final Thought

I am trying to cook more from fresh and so I am trying to reduce the number of takeaways. As I was working from home and the fridge was bare, rather than leave the house and go to the shops, I thought I’d get a delivery. With this code, and offers with the restaurant, I got 10 peices of chicken and 4 sides for £11.49 delivered, rather than £22+. When I was in the office, £6 per person for lunch is the norm so I didn’t feel like I was over-paying for my delivered food. There was tons of food so plenty for 2nd portions (and maybe even a 3rd portion!)



  1. None of the discount codes work for me, all day ineligible – maybe they only work in London?

    Bit annoying they’ve added 10% service fee to everything now, I guess not surprising for a US company given the obsession with tipping there though 🙁

  2. I keep getting emails offering a discount for Uber Eats but I live out in the “sticks” so they don’t deliver round here, I didnt realise you could use the app to order and collect in person!

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