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Welcome, Welcome, Welcome! Another podcast of people being interviewed. A massive back catalogue of episodes to get your teeth into and with a great host who keeps the chat flowing. With over 250 to choose from, you don’t have to start at episode 1 and keep going, you can pick and choose which you’d like to listen to. When you do this, you’ll soon realise that you just want to hear them all!

Who is ‘Distraction Pieces’ ?


Distraction Pieces is Scroobius Pip. Well, its his podcast but it is much more about the guests rather than him. Scroobius Pip is a spoken word artist and now an actor. You may have seen him in Taboo with Tom Hardy but you may also know him from his musical collaborations with Dan Le Sac.

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Whats is all about?

Its a chat between people. It isn’t a comedy podcast (although they can be funny). Also, it isn’t a political podcast (although they can be political). It isn’t for guests to shoe-horn plugs of everything they are currently doing. It is a chat. Pip’s interview style is so relaxed and I think that helps the guests feel relaxed. Sure there might talk about MMA (an interest of his, along side wrestling) but he does try to draw out interesting stories from the guest and it does often sound like you just over-hearing a conversation between two friends in a pub.

Guests have included Alan Moore, Howard Marks, James McAvoy, and Goldie.

Other bonus episodes have included interviews with his mum, Ask Pip, and the Drunkcasts.

What are other people saying about Distraction Pieces?

The Guardian has an interview with Scroobius Pip where he talks about the various different ventures that he is involved with. It was nominated for the 2017 British Podcast Awards.

How Can you find it?

Find it on iTunes.
Find it on the ACast.

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