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Griefcast Podcast

A podcast about death? Kind of. Welcome to Griefcast, a podcast where Cariad Lloyd chats with someone to remember someone who has died. Not always a ‘celebration of life’, but more an insight into the grieving process and how death affects people.

Who is ‘Griefcast Podcast’?


Cariad Lloyd hosts Griefcast. She is a comedian who has appeared on QI, HIGNFY, 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, and various other shows. She is also part of the Improv group ‘Austentatious’ who perform unscripted shows of unwritten Jane Austin books.

The other side of Griefcast is the guests. They are all comedians and every single episode gives a new interpretation on what death means to people and the affect it has on people’s lives.

Whats is all about?


Actually thats not entirely fair. Its about people’s handling of death, grief and all the periphery that surrounds death.

The podcast is not morbid and a skill of Cariad’s is that she helps the guests open up by sharing her ‘handling of death’ stories. Through many of the episodes you can see how this helps the guests realise that there is nothing wrong in what they are thinking/have thought.

Guests have included Robin Ince, Robert Webb, Sarah Pascoe and Adam Buxton.

What are other people saying about Griefcast Podcast?

Griefcast has won 3 awards at the 2018 British Podcast Awards –

  • Best Entertainment podcast
  • Best Interview podcast
  • Podcast of the Year

How Can you find it?

Find it on iTunes.
Find it on the ACast.

Recommended Episodes


Here are some episode I really recommend.

Adam Buxton – Talks about his father

Michael Legge – Talks about his dog

Meryl O’Rouke – Talks about her mother


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