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Page 94 : The Private Eye Podcast

Podcasting Any Stupid Questions?

Page 94 : The Private Eye Podcast

Moving into something a little more niche, welcome to Page 94 : The Private Eye Podcast. As you can probably tell by the title, this is a podcast brought to you buy the team at Private Eye. I’ve been an avid reader of Private Eye for decades and so when they said they were bringing out a podcast there was no way I couldn’t listen!

Who is ‘Page 94 : The Private Eye Podcast’?


This podcast is hosted by Andrew Hunter Murray. You may recognise him from his work as a comedian or perhaps as a QI Elf, or even another podcast he does called ‘No Such Thing As A Fish’. The editor of Private Eye Magazine, Ian Hislop, usually appears in a ‘skit’ at the start of each episode. Other people who feature in the podcast are the contributors to the magazine.

Page 94 - The Private Eye Podcast Icon


Whats is all about?

Each episode has one or two topics that it covers. These are based on articles in the Private Eye Magazine so probably best to say it covers ‘news’. This can be politics, health, agriculture, and business but can be about global items, not just UK based news. A little known fact is that Private Eye is the UK’s #1 best-selling news and current affairs magazine. Hard to believe that when so many people haven’t heard about it!

I think this is a good podcast, even for those people who don’t read Private Eye. It does give you some background to what is being discussed so you don’t need to have read the magazine to understand the podcast. What it will give you is a sense that the whole world is pretty corrupt at levels and in areas you have no idea about. It isn’t that depressing though, really!

Listen about the Paradise (Panama) Papers, The Housing Crisis, Businesses & Tax Havens, and a special episode about Deepcut.

What are other people saying about Page 94 : The Private Eye Podcast?

Buzzfeed included Page 94 in its list of 14 British Podcasts you have to listen to.  The Guardian has an article which mentions the podcast.

How Can you find it?

Find it on iTunes.
Find it on the Eyeplayer – You can listen online without iTunes.

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