Short Cuts Josie Long

Short Cuts – Josie Long Podcast

Podcasting Any Stupid Questions?

Short Cuts – Josie Long Podcast

This podcast certainly wont be everyone’s cup of tea. It is a series of mini-documentaries that are broadcast on Radio 4 but also available as a podcast for you to listen to at your leisure. There are 16 series and you’ll find most of them online via the BBC website. If you want a small glimps into other people’s lives then this is a podcast for you.

Who is ‘Short Cuts’?


Shortcuts really is just Josie Long and the people the documentary is about. Being on the BBC it does have producers to help put it all together but it is the ‘other’ people in the documentaries that make this show what it is.

Short Cuts Josie Long


Whats is all about?

You. Or Us. Or Everyone. That’s what makes this podcast great. Short Cuts is a journey into someone-else’s life themed around a particular topic. Series 16 has an episode on Mistaken Identity, series 15 has one called ‘Never Let Me Go‘. There are other episodes called ‘The Leap’, ‘The Fear’, ‘Adaptions’ and ‘Losing Yourself’. This gives you an idea of the topics Short Cuts covers and how each episode has been curated.

What are other people saying about Short Cuts?

Well it won an award at the British Podcast Awards, 2018 so it is obviously doing something right. The Radio Times have also nominated it as Podcast of the Week.

How Can you find it?

Find it on iTunes.
Find it on the BBC Website

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  1. I stumbled on these a couple of weeks ago. I like to listen to these short podcasts whilst having a bath – makes me feel like I am doing something other than just lying there!

    1. Hi Jo,

      I really like them.

      Have you found any other Podcasts you enjoy? I’m always looking for something to entertain me during my commute.



      The Reverend

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