The Adam Buxton Podcast

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The Adam Buxton Podcast

I enjoy relaxed conversations and it is where The Adam Buxton Podcast comes into its own. If you like to hear just two people shooting the breeze then this certainly the podcast for you.

Who is ‘The Adam Buxton Podcast’?


You’ll never believe this but The Adam Buxton Podcast is hosted by Adam Buxton. If you are my age you probably remember him as one half of the TV Duo – Adam & Joe from The Adam & Joe Show! If you are a youngster you might recognise him as ‘The Floating Head in a Jar’ from the reboot of The Crystal Maze!

Adam is no stranger to Podcasts as you may have heard his ‘Big Mix Tape’ based on his Radio 6 show or even The Adam & Joe Radio Show – if you are a member of Slack Squadron (or listen live as Black Squadron). He has been on TV/Radio for 25 years so it is possible you have seen or heard him before.

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Whats is all about?

As I said above, its a chat. Two people and a recording device. It does help it feel more intimate and most of the episodes end with Adam and Rosie (his dog) out and about in the woods and fields near where he lives. He often gives his appraisal of the episode and often we hear from Rosie and the excitement of her life.

Guests have included Charlie Brooker, Bob Mortimer, Kathy Burke and Steve Coogan.

If you know the Adam & Joe Show you’ll know that Adam loves to create his own songs, jingles and musical stings. This podcast is no different. “I added one more podcast to the giant podcast bin!” will be a song you are singing for ages! You will also get to enjoy Fact Checking Santa – Have a listen!

What are other people saying about The Adam Buxton Podcast?

Adam Buxton was named Podcast Champion at the British Podcast Awards in 2017.  The podcast was also a nominee in the 2018 Webby awards this year. It has also been reviewed in the Guardian.

How Can you find it?

Find it on iTunes.
Find it on the ACast.

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