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The Horne Section Podcast

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The Horne Section Podcast

A music podcast from the great Horne Section. Each podcast has a special one-member guest audience and they join in the silliness of the podcast.

an Image of the Horne Section Podcast Banner

Who is The Horne Section Podcast?


The ‘Front Man’ of The Horne Section is Alex Horne. He leads a band of musicians featuring Ben on Drums, Ed on keyboad, Joe on Trumpet, Mark on Sax and Will on Bass.

Whats is all about?

Music and silliness really is the best description. If you watch Channel 4 you may have seen The Horne Section provide the music for Cats Down Countdown. If you listen to Radio 4 you may have heard Alex Horne Presents The Horne Section as this had a couple of series. You might also have watched the 2 Hour special they recorded at The London Palladium in 2018 – I attended this in person and it was great!

Early series of the podcast contain a competition to win a car and there is usually a game of ‘Who done/got the most thing’ where everyone plays along in a song while Alex reads out a list of things/actions/events and you keep playing if you have done that thing, action or attended that event.

Otherwise the podcast features original songs (mostly), occasionally actually about the guest in attendence. This has included Al Murray, Adam Buxton, Ben Shepherd, and Tim Key.

What are other people saying about The Horne Section Podcast?

The Horne Section Podcast has won a few award ;-

How Can you find it?

Find it on iTunes.
Find it on the ACast.

Recommended Episodes


Here are some episode I really recommend.

Al Murray – The First Playing of ‘Grandaddy’

Scroobius Pip – A live Rendition of The Poem his name comes from (with music)

Jess Robinson – Just for the long played joke


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