Win Cash Prizes for Free With HQ Live

What is HQ Live

You have probably heard lots about HQ Live. A new app where you can win REAL money without spending a single penny of your own money. No Credit Card details/ID required. Answer the questions and if you get all 12 correct you share the jackpot with anyone else who also got all 12 correct.

Where to Download?


HQ Live can be downloaded from;-

The Apple AppStore
Google Play Store

Click the links to download them direct to your phone. Both are free so there will be no cost for you to start winning money.

Bonus Just For You

When you set up your account, you will be asked if you have an invitation code. You can easily earn an extra life for HQ Live if you use the invitation code TwonR. This will help you keep playing even if you get a question wrong. It can be used for any question EXCEPT the last question of a game.

The App

Its important to have notifications active on the App. This will make sure you are aware when the HQ Live games are. They are at the same times but its easy to forget and having the phone notify you helps you to join games. The notifications happen roughly 5 minutes before the game and the game usually starts playing about 2 minutes after the start time. If you aren’t logged in with the app open at game time and you join late, you can watch but you wont be able to take part.

Payment Options

HQ Live offers Paypal as the payment option. When it first started you needed to have a $20 payout threshold but they have now removed this so you cash out any winnings you have at any time. The winnings are paid in US Dollar but PayPal will convert this into the currency your account is in.

Additional Info


Usually you’d think something like this is a scam! The chance of winning actual money? How does it work. Here is a recent list of winners…

These people actually won over $2000 each! Obviously not every game gives as large jackpots but they do tell you the jackpot before the game starts. A friend of mine has been a jackpot winner 3 times! Not huge jackpots but a couple of hundred dollars for very little work.

Any questions?

Got any questions about HQ Live? Ask below in the comments and I’ll be happy to help. Don’t ask me any of the questions though….I’ve not won the jackpot…..yet!



    1. Hi Caz,

      Have you had a go yet? I’m getting to question 9 or 10 regularly but always fall then!

      How are you doing?


      The Reverend

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