Sarah Millican Book PLUS The Audio Book for less than Four Quid!

How To Be Champion – Sarah Millican

Today you can buy Sarah Millican’s book – How to be Champion – for the bargain price of 99p. Where this deal has an extra element is that if you do buy the eBook for 99p, Amazon will offer you the audio book version for the even more bargain price of £2.99.

I do love my Kindle and have loads of books on there. I particularly like books by comedians, either autobiographys or their books about comedy. For Christmas I bought this book in hardback for a family member and for 99p there was no way I was going to miss this deal.



For 99p you get the kindle eBook. For an extra £2.99 you can have Sarah Millican herself read the book to you, like a very proud Grandma reading to her grandkids!

I only saw the audiobook advertised at this price after you had purchased the kindle book. The audio book is offered as part of the standard Audiable free trial but this offer gets you the actual audiobook for £2.99 which is yours to keep.

Today Only

This deal is valid today only. Well, the 99p ebook is on offer for today only. I am not sure how often Amazon offer audiobooks at a reduced price as this is the first time I’ve noticed this when buying an ebook. I am aware they have a free audible trial however this it the first deal involving an audiobook you are actually purchasing.

Have you already read it? Are you planning to? Let me know in the comments below.



  1. I’ll have to check this one out – I don’t know much about her personal life and how she got to where she is now so it could make for interesting reading. I find Sarah Millican to be hilarious in her stand up shows! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Hi Caz,

      I wont spoil any of the suprises of her life story but I think you’ll love it. For 99p I couldn’t say ‘no’ so I have bought it. She is very funny and her stand up is a lot ruder than you expect if you’ve only seen her on panel shows or HIGNFY.


      The Reverend

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