Nectar Boost - Juicy Points Boost

Bonus Nectar Points – Juicy Points Boost

It has been a while since I updated my Nectar app on my iPhone but I’m glad I did today. Here is how you can get some bonus Nectar points if you have the Nectar app.

Do make sure you check out my other posts about how to Boost Your Nectar Points and my Year in Review. I’ve already had over 5500 bonus Nectar points from their bonuses and special offers. That is worth over £25 in spending power at Nectar (and more via some of their partners!)

Download the App (skip this if you already have it)

Go to your application store of choice and download the App.

Nectar App on Google Play Store
Nectar App on Apple App Store

Juicy Points Boost


A bit of a strange one as usually Sainsburys and Nectar email me when they have a super-special bonus like this. They did the same before Christmas with the ‘Spin to Win’ offer. I got 1000 bonus points from that (as did everyone else as a minimum!). Instead, after I updated the app, I saw a new tile at the top of the ‘Home’ page.

Nectar Boost - Juicy Points Boost

And you can bet I did ‘Tap Here’ faster than a younger The Reverend hammering at the buttons in Daley Thompson’s Decathlon on the Commodore C64! Who doesn’t want free Nectar points to spend at Sainsbury’s (or eBay, as is the case for me!)

Free Nectar Points

Nectar Boost - Juicy Points Boost - Info

This was an interesting screen. It says that the average shopper gets 1250 points over 3 months. As I have said above, I have had nearly 5 times that in the last 2 months! Even 1250 is worth over £5 in free shopping if you want it. I would say I’m not the ‘average shopper’ as I’m always looking out for extra Nectar points so really do max out what they offer me!

Once you clicked ‘Get Your Points Back’ you are presented with ANOTHER screen to click. Just tap away!

Nectar Boost - Juicy Points Boost - Tap

What Juicy Boost I Received from Nectar

I have received 1000 bonus free Nectar Points! Woo-Hoo! This equals £5 free shopping! Result! Obviously you may get a different value of bonus Nectar points so your mileage may vary.

Nectar Boost - Juicy Points Boost - Winner

I’m very happy with that. Even a 500 point bonus would be worth £2.50 off my shop at Sainsbury’s. Let me know in the comments below how many bonus Nectar Points you received.

Instantly Added Points

The best thing about this promotion, compared to the ‘Spin to Win’ over Christmas, is that the bonus Nectar points appeared in my account immediately. This means they are ready so spend as soon as I am. As you will know if you already follow my blog, I spend my Nectar points at eBay. I was going to grab myself another £2.50 voucher this morning but it looks like I can grab £7.50 instead! Free money for my retro gaming habit! I’m almost half way there to another £2.50 as well.

The Reverend’s Final Thought


Even if you don’t shop at Sainsbury’s, the Nectar App is well worth getting for the free offers that are easily converted to points for Avois or even credit to spend at eBay. I’ve had about £10 of bonus Nectar points in the last 2 months that didn’t require ANY spending at Sainsbury’s. At the moment you can convert 350 points into a free drink at Caffe Nero so there is another place to exchange your points for about 8 FREE drinks from a coffee shop, if that is your thing.

Let me know how many points you got and how you are looking to spend them.



  1. I actually spotted this on HDUK earlier so I’ll share your post on Twitter in a minute. I never would have thought otherwise as I don’t often check the app. I use the website to load the new in-store grocery offers each Friday but that’s all. Such a cool idea to have an instant boost giveaway. I only had 200 pts, which I’m still happy with at £1 towards my rampant chocolate addiction. Well done on your 1000pts – every little helps (to steal a line from their competitors ).

    1. Hi Caz / InvisbilyMe,

      I’ve only recently turned off the ‘auto-update’ option on my phone for all my apps. I wanted to check my points total as I thought I’d could get another eBay voucher so needed to update the Nectar app. Once I’d done that I saw the Juicy Boost!

      Very happy with the 1000 points! I don’t often do so well – on the TopCashback competitions I tend to get only 20p!


      The Reverend

    1. Hi Mac,

      Great news on the 500 points.

      You should contact Nectar customer support for the points from Spin to Win as everyone should have got 1000 as a minimum.



      The Reverend

  2. I only got 250 🙁

    I saw it again on Monday evening (22nd) in the app notification, but once I clicked on it, it just disappeared. Has anyone else had a second juicy boost (first being on the 17th)?

    1. Hi Jovan,

      I also got the notification. I think it was sent in error so everyone on the app got it rather than to just people who haven’t taken part.

      Who knows, maybe there will be a round 2 of juicy point boost?


      The Reverend

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