Bonus Nectar Points – Veg Challenge

Nectar has launched a new way to collect bonus Nectar points – The Great Big Fruit & Veg Challenge!

Nectar Points

You should check out my other blog post on how you can use the Nectar app to get LOADS of bonus Nectar points. I’ve managed to get almost 500 Nectar points a week from buying items I was planning on buying anyway!

Bonus Nectar Points


The Great Big Fruit & Veg Challenge gives you the ability to get over 1000 bonus Nectar Points through completing challenges. These Nectar points could be worth £5 if you convert to eBay coupons or even more at special Sainsburys double-up events. As you probably already buy fruit and veg in your weekly shop it shouldn’t be hard to quickly rack up these extra Nectar points. The Challenge is broken into two sections.A screenshot of the Bonus Nectar Point Challenge showing I've completed 6 out of the 28 portions of fruit or veg

Challenge Part 1 – Any Fruit or Veg

The first part of the challenge is easy – you have to buy plenty of fruit or veg. This is split into 3 different point amounts and currently I’m in the first stage as I’ve only just started it. Here I have to buy 28 ‘portions’ of fruit or veg. For the purpose of the challenge 1 portion of fruit/veg is 80 grams if fresh or 30 grams if dried. When I’ve purchased these I will get a bonus 150 points. There is another stage for 200 points and then a final stage for 300 points. As you are buying fruit and veg every week anyway it should be too hard for you to get through these stages.

A screenshot of the Nectar App showing The Great Big Fruit & Veg Challenge and there are 3 circles at the bottom showing the bonus nectar points available

Challenge Part 2 – The Badges!

Like a healthy treasure hunt this part of the challenge gives you bonus Nectar points when you purchase specific items of fruit and veg. Here is a look at what the current bonus board looks like. You can get 390 bonus Nectar points when you buy these 6 items.a screenshot of the Nectar app with 6 photos of fruit/veg that will give bonus points during the fruit and veg challenge

I’ll admit, I don’t usually eat a lot of Aubergine but I might give it a try for 100 bonus points! 😀 If you have any suggestions for a good aubergine recipe then drop it in the comments below.

Nectar App

Don’t forget you’ll need to download the Nectar App to get these bonus points. It is available for iOS and Android so should be downloadable on your phone. Not only will you see all the bonus point offers available in store, you’ll also be able to see Nectar partner offers where you can collect more bonus Nectar points and see discounts from other retailers.

Nectar App on Google Play Store
Nectar App on Apple App Store

There is no excuse for you not to have the Nectar app on your phone. An added bonus is that it has virtual version of your Nectar card so you can always collect your points, even if you have left the physical card at home!

Nectar Points Video


I actually went to Sainsburys in hunt of some bonus points and filmed myself doing it. Check out the video below and see how easy it is to pick up extra Nectar points when you are in Sainsburys.



    1. Hi Bella,

      I’ve had the heads-up of double points being available at Argos as they start the Nectar scheme. I will blog about it in a bit.



      The Reverend

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