Sainsburys & Nectar Review 2020

Hopefully you all have a Nectar card and have boosted your points with their great offers each week. You should also have got your bonus 1000 Nectar points back in December. If you are collecting points then you should check out the app to see how your year of Shopping has gone.

Nectar Points at Sainsburys

I collect most of my Nectar points during my Sainsbury’s shopping. As I linked to above, there are easy ways to increase your Nectar balance through the Nectar App. They used to print bonus points at the check-out but now you can get them through the app and you don’t have to keep the paper in your wallet! You can also collect points at Argos and eBay.

Year in Review – Nectar App


First of all you will need to open up your Nectar App. At the top of the screen you’ll see the ‘What did you bring home in 2020?’ image. Click on this and it will take you through to see what you’ve been buying most of during 2020. You may or may not want to make sure no-one else is around when you do this! All those secret Dairy Milk bars will be highlighted if they are in your top 3 purchases!

Nectar Year In Review - Icon

Lets look at all the info they share with you – well – you can see what they’ve shared with me! Remember, my blog is a no-shame zone!

Purchased Most

The first thing they share is what you bought more of than anyone else. I was very suprised by my one. Not chocolate, not fizzy drinks, but own-brand stuffing! 😀 I know I should be able to make it myself but I can’t. My supermarket isn’t a small one, and I’m very suprised that I purchased this more than anyone else. I probably buy it every 3 or 4 weeks.

a screen shot of the Nectar Year In Review - showing that I purchased more sainsburys brand Stuffing at Clapham Common than any other shopper

Top 3 Purchased Items

Similar to last year, I purchased coconut water as my number 1 product. The reason for this is that every shop I would pick up multiple cans. This is coconut water with bits in, not the smooth version. Sadly, this will drop from the top 3 as my Sainsbury’s doesn’t stock the ‘with bits in’ anymore, only the smooth, so I can’t purchase it as part of my shop.

A Screenshot of the Nectar Year In Review - showing my Number 1 purchased product is Coconut Water

In at Number 2 is a family favourite – 4 pints of organic whole milk. Although we get through a lot of milk, we do try to buy organic milk. Not only is it lacking in all the ‘jibba jabba’ that can be included in non-organic milk, but it also lasts much longer in the fridge. Well, that is our experience, anyway. We tend to get through 2 of these a week but I buy them 1 at a time (one as part of the main shop and then one halfway through the week). This milk is often part of the bonus Nectar points available on the app so not only do we use it, we get extra points for it.

A Screenshot of the Nectar Year In Review - my Number 2 purchased item Organic Whole Milk

Finally, in third place, we have another item that I might pretend I only buy for the bonus points. The reality is that I do enjoy a jam ring and our supermarket does offer bonus points for it but often it is actually out of stock. It looks bad that I’m buying Jam Rings more than I’m buying fruit or veg but I do a separate shop with my Nectar card, just for my bonus points. The main shop is done on a different Nectar card so this isn’t my entire diet (well it is, but shhhhhhhh!).

A screenshot of my Nectar Year In Review - showing my Number 3 item Sainsbury's Jam Rings

Fruit & Veg

Normally, my Nectar account wouldn’t show much for Fruit and Vegetables as it isn’t our main shopping account. This year, however, Sainsburys and Nectar did a ‘fruit & veg’ challenge and an opportunity to increase your Nectar point balance by buying portions of both. Due to this I’m told I purchased LOADS of portions of both. I did eat more fruit/veg – how did you do?

Nectar Year In Review - Fruit and Veg

Sainsburys Shops


I’m told I shopped 44 times. This is probably about right as I’ve not been out as much this year due to the old pando’. I’m including this as they have included a cat giving you a cheeky wink.

Nectar Year In Review - Total Shops

Total Nectar Points & Value

The final piece of shared info from Sainsburys is your total number of Nectar points collected and how much they are worth. I’ve collected over 11k Nectar points in the year and as you get a single point for every £1 spent, I can tell you I’ve NOT spent £11k at Sainsbury’s this year! We know that I did 44 shops so it would have meant spending around £250 on EACH shop. Using the tips I share in my blog I’m able to get a couple of hundred points for each small shop I do. This has helped me get over £50 in monetary value of Nectar points. During a ‘double-up’ event these would be worth £110! I tend to spend my Nectar points at eBay to buy my retro-tech.

Nectar Year In Review - Total Nectar Points

The Reverend’s Final Thought

Its easy to build up a healthy Nectar balance without spending hundreds each week at Sainsburys. Remember to download the Nectar app. Make sure you buy things you’d be buying and using anyway. Ensure you link your Nectar card to your eBay and Argos accounts so that you collect points in other places too.

What have you purchased in 2020? Remember this is a shame-free zone so feel free to share in this safe space! 😀



  1. I was only a #2 purchaser this year and it was for the free from choc chip cookies. I was #1 last year and have probably bought more of them with working from home more so someone has gazumped me. My top three were Diet Coke, semi skimmed milk and the cookies. No mention of how many pieces of fruit and veg but it apparently accounted for 20% of my purchases. 59 visits and 13519 points in the year. Incidentally have you actually received your 1000 points yet for the spinner? I haven’t by the look of it.

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