iPhone XS 4a

My iPhone XS

iPhone XS

This blog post is going to be part of a series of blog posts outlining the tech I use in my day-to-day life. It wont be exciting, sorry if that’s your expectation!, but it will let you know what use to create my blog and how I spend my spare time. This blog post looks at my iPhone XS

What is an iPhone XS?


The iPhone XS is a phone designed by Apple. Apple has a range of phones (currently* The iPhone XS, XS Max, MR, 8, 8 Max) and the ‘XS’ label identifies it as the premium of the offerings.

iPhone XS 4a

The iPhone XS is available in 2 screen sizes, the XS and the XS Max. I have the XS which is a smaller screen than the XS Max. It is available in a couple of storage options and I have the 256GB Storage one.

My iPhone XS

iPhone XS 1a

I got my iPhone XS when it came out  in September 2018. Although lots of focus is made on the laptops of the specifications, with Apple’s phones they just refer to models and then storage.

The Spec of the iPhone XS

  • A12 Chip (Hexcore)
  • 5.85 Inch OLED (2436 x 1125) Screen
  • Dual 12mp Camera
  • 3GB Ram

Why Did I Get an iPhone XS?

I’ve had apple phones for ages. My first was the 3G and then I had the 4, then then 4S. I didn’t get the 5 or the 5S or the 6. This is known as the ‘dark period’ when I had a galaxy note 3. I jumped back with Apple when I got the 6S Plus. I had this phone from launch to the moment I got the iPhone XS. My 6S Plus was playing up (dodgy earspeaker) and I needed a new phone. I wanted to buy it outright and be on a sim-only contract.

iPhone XS 3a

How I Made My Choice

I didn’t want a non-Apple phone, I also didn’t want a lesser spec’d iPhone. I could have got the great spec’d 8, the X or even the XR to save money. My heart was sure I wanted the XS and it was either going to be the ‘MAX’ or the normal XS. Measuring up the screen size against my 6S Plus I felt the XS would be a great phone for me.

The Arrival


I ordered direct from Apple and got it delivered to the office for free. I did an unboxing video that you can find below.

Life with the iPhone XS

What can I say? Its been a great upgrade from the 6S Plus I was using before. I am missing the home button (its surprising how easy it is to unlock the phone without looking at it) but the face ID does an excellent job. The cameras are also an upgrade but I know Apple have done a lot of work to improve their camera software.

I’m not noticing the iPhone XS is much faster than the 6S Plus, nor that the screen is a massive improvement but maybe that is more to do with just Apple getting better. I am certainly missing the 3.5mm headphone jack for times I’m charging (or more likely have forgotten) my AirPods (read more about why I have Airpods over other headphones here). A big benefit of having an Apple computer as well as Apple phones is that you can air-drop images between devices making sharing photos a breeze.

What Have I Done With It?

Most of the time I use it for casual gaming on the tube, taking photos and chatting with my friends. I find the camera is really good for the size and so don’t mind the photos it takes. These photos you’ll see on my blog, on both restaurant reviews and other pics.

Although I could produce videos in iMovie using my iPhone XS, I’ve not felt the need to. I have an iPad and a Macbook Pro that would be better suited to that task. I do use the video camera to record plenty and used it for the filming the video when I visited Friendsfest 2018.

The main thing I use my iPhone XS for is listening to music and podcasts. I’ve always got my Airpods in my ears with something playing. So much great music and chat that I love consuming and makes my boring commute a little more tolerable.

The Next Steps

I was planning on buying the AirPower which would allow me to charge my phone, watch and headphones all at once. Unfortunately Apple canned that project earlier in the year. 🙁

This means I will have to buy some ‘generic’ wireless chargers.

If Apple – sorry – WHEN Apple release a new phone later this year I wont be getting it. I can see me having the iPhone XS for at least 2 years, if not 3, like my iPhone 6s Plus. One of the great things about Apple is they have a longer product lifecycle than other manufacturers so you know the phone is going to carry on being supported for a number of years.

The Reverend’s Final Thought

I’ve had my iPhone XS now for over a year and it is a great phone. The camera takes excellent photos and it is a perfect pocket-companion for long commutes or travelling. Apple devices do cost more than their Android-based counterparts but I’ve found this is off-set by the longer support period, the better resale value and the fact everything on it just ‘works’.

I have had an iPhone since the 3G and did try an Android phone, but I found that Android, and the Galaxy Note, sadly lacking in the things I wanted the device to do. If you are looking for a new phone, and you can get one without causing yourself financial hardship, then I would recommend an iPhone from Apple – I don’t think you’d be dissappointed.







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