My Tech

My Tech

Macbook Pro

This is my workhorse. It spends 99% of its time connected to a keyboard, screen and dock. Most of my blog posts are written on this. You can read more about it on this blog post.

Macbook Pro

My Macbook Pro

iPhone XS


Everyone needs a phone, and I like Apple things so I got myself the iPhone XS. I use it for listening to podcasts and music, surfing the web, checking my emails (and occasionally replying) and taking photos while I’m out and about. You can read more about it on this blog post.

BenQ 24″ Monitor

Just a 2nd screen for my Macbook Pro. 24″ seems to be the perfect size for the set-up I have. I managed to get it for £20 from a local selling group. It isn’t 4k but I don’t care!

Go Pro 5

I really wanted a Go Pro and I bought this when it came out. Have used it a couple of times and filmed a few things with it. Check out my blog post about it.

Canon 1200

The more ‘grown up’ camera. If I’m going somewhere and want to take ‘better’ photos than my iPhone can take then this comes with me. I’ve got a few extra lenses which help with various different photo opportunities. Read more about it here.

iPad Pro 10.5


My laptop of choice. It goes most places with me and takes up no space what-so-ever. The game changer for the iPad was getting the Smart Keyboard as then you have an ace little 10.5″ Laptop that lasts ages and weighs nothing. Check out my blog post.

Smart Keyboard

I got this as Apple we giving a £60 credit if you bought an iPad Pro. Still cost an extra £100 but well worth it. As it is powered by the smart connector, it doesn’t need charging seperately which is the down-fall of many an external keyboard.


A recent acquisition. Not had a chance to use it in anger yet. Will put up a blog post about it.


I’ve had these ages – the best bluetooth headphones around and I’ve tried LOADS! Apple have recently updated them with a wireless charging case and some updated internals but I will keep these until the batteries give up.

PlayStation 4

The Mac-Daddy of console (IMO!). I’ve had this since launch and do all gaming that isn’t via a tablet through it. I’ve played loads of games on it and still do. You can read what I’ve played in the last week via my blogs on it.

Sony 2.0 Headphones

These are just the headphones to allow me to PS4 without disturbing anyone else in the house. They aren’t the most fashionable headphones around and although I can use them as normal headphones or even a headset for my phone, I don’t!



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