The Reverend – March 2016 Stats

3 Months in and we start to get a picture of the interactions of The Reverend blog.

This covers March 1st until March 31st.

  • Total Users : 119
  • Total Sessions : 224
  • Page Views : 522
  • New Visitor/Returning Visitor : 47.8% / 52.2% -> New visitors tend to read almost 2 pages (average is 1.93) however returning visitors read nearly 3 pages (average is 2.69)
  • % that spent over 1 minute on the site : 24%
  • Sessions that found the site by Searching : 14

Some great organic searches to my site and I’m seeing an even mix of new visitors and returning visitors. Pages views look up and I think this will grow as I add more content to the blog.



    1. thanks! I’m trying to get there with it. Hopefully people find the stuff I’m writing, interesting.

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