The Reverend Watches … John Wick Chapter 2

The Reverend The Reverend Watches … John Wick Chapter 2

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I really enjoyed the first John Wick movie. It had the right amount of pointless violence and bloodshed that keeps a movie interesting. Keanu Reeves makes a great lead actor in it and is completely believable is character. They announced a sequal pretty soon after the first one as it was such a success so I settled down Sunday night to watch it. Here are my thoughts on John Wick Chapter 2.



Set less than a week after the first film. The protagonist is trying to rebuild his life again and leave his assassin days behind him. A suprise visit from an old colleague puts him back on a path he does not want to take. There is an expansion of the John Wick universe with people from his past re-appearing and a deal made with an old foe brings the film to a violent conclusion. As the dust settles, who will walk out alive?

Who is in it?

John Wick played by Keanu Reeves
Santino D’Antonio played by Riccardo Scamarcio
Winston played by Ian McShane
Ares played by Ruby Rose
The Bowery King played by Laurence Fishburne

Reverend Reviews

John Wick Chapter 2 starts with John going to collect the car that was stolen from him during the first film. Strangely enough he doesn’t murder the big boss of that gang, but shares ‘peace’ over a drink. With all the violence and death that preceeds this it seems strange that the big boss doesn’t shoot him as he comes in. You do spend a lot of the film suspending your disbelief but it is worth it. Action moves quickly from a warehouse to John’s home where he turns down an offer he can’t refuse.

John Wick then moves on to Italy which is stunning and there are some great shots of Italian skyline. The director does like a good close-up on John’s face in new locations. We also meet a number of ‘service’ people from John Wick’s former life – including an excellent performance from Peter Serafinowicz as ‘The Sommelier.’ Keanu’s performance does come across as if he is going through the motions however I do think this is more to recognise how pedestrian killing people in large number is to John Wick. There is lots of CGI blood from gunshots at various distance and soon you’ll be cheering to see a point-blank headshot! You wont be disappointed.

He completes his required hit but soon finds out he has been double-crossed and goes after Santino, but not before catching up with his old friend Morpheus… I mean The Bowery King! Fishbourne’s character is not out of place in this film but once again, suspend you disbelief to enjoy this film.

The final big gun-fight is held in an art exhibition that just reminded me of Scaramaga’s hideout in The Man With The Golden Gun – all the mirrors just made me think of that scene from the Bond film. John Wick makes his way through the art gallery and ends up chasing Santino to the Contenental Hotel run by Lovejoy … I mean Winston. I didn’t expect what happened next and it leads perfectly into the final scene. Having lost all his support network we watch John walk then run as he start his escape and preparation into what will obviously be John Wick Chapter 3!

Over-all this was an enjoyable film. Not up to the levels of the original but you will not be disappointed with this installment of the John Wick series. Perhap the next one will have Trinity in it?


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