The Reverend Watches … Wonder Woman

The Reverend The Reverend Watches … Wonder Woman

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After the 2016 Blockbuster/Flop* of Batman vs Superman we were all left waiting for the Wonder Woman movie. DC have a number of films coming up and this was the first of their stable to compete with the Marvel Universe series of films. I settled down on a Saturday to watch this.



An Amazonian warrior princess saves a World War 1 spy whose plane had crashed into the sea near their (hidden) island. She travels with him to London to try and find the God of War, Ares. We learn that the Spy has stolen a book of chemical weapon details from a deadly chemist called Dr. Poison who is working on improving chemical warfare for the war.  Wonder Woman and the spy make their way to No-Man’s Land and she helps save a village that was being attacked by the Germans.

Their journey ends at a German base where some chemical weapons are being loaded onto a giant plane. A battle commences between Wonder Woman and Ares while the Spy destroys the plane. A happy ending that jumps back into the present day.

Reverend Reviews

Being a 70’s kid means I remember the Linda Carter Wonder Woman. I knew this film wasn’t going to have that vibe to it but I did hope it was going to be better than the Bats Vs Sups film from last year. It was good to have an origin story for this character but it did feel a little dis-jointed. Wonder Woman is a god-based Amazonian warrior princess but once Chris Pine’s Spy character appears on the scene she seems happy to constantly take his direction and hide where he places her.

There is a mis-match of her powers shown constantly, a recreation of an earlier ‘shield jump’ but then later we see her jump much higher. We are also constantly treated to Wonder Woman slow motion running through neat rows of soldier. Again and again. Occasionally we just get a close up shot of her face while she runs, walks, rides a horse, whatever. It really gets a bit ‘samey’ after a while.

It is only during the final act we see her do what she wants without the Spy’s approval. Finally we see her use all her powers which also looks to include flying. The big battle with the main baddie – Ares – appears to be a CGI overkill and you end up feeling a little cold. So much of the movie seems to be CGI that it feels a little too ‘spiderman’ in its approach. Maybe that is just me though?

Overall I was disappointed with this film. I’m not sure if they will make a sequel but if they do, something set in a different age – maybe WW2 or even the 80’s – would be a nice back ground. I think yet another superhero film set in present day with massive destruction of a city would be an absolute bore. But this is hollywood, so who knows what will happen. We still have an Aquaman film to come out and then The Justice League to watch. Hopefully they will get better.

Who is in it?

Wonder Woman played by Gal Gadot
Steve Trevor played by Chris Pine
Ares played by David Thewlis
Etta Candy played by Lucy Davis
Charlie played by Ewen Bremner


I watched it via Amazon Video. I paid for a 48 hour rental for £4.49 rental. This was for the High Definition version of the film – 1080p.

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I rented the movie for £4.49 which would allow me to watch it as many times as I wanted in 48 hours.


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