10 Ways To Make The World A Better Place

10 Ways To Make The World A Better Place

Making the world a better place is something we can all do. It isn’t as hard as you think. Here you will find 10 suggestions from me on how you can make the world a better place.

Reuse Plastic Bottles

Single-use bottles are only single-use if they are only used once. The water bottle I use in the office is one I picked up when it was on the drinks trolley of a meeting I attended. I like it because it is 600ml and so holds a little more than some of the other bottles. Its important that you use a PET plastic bottle (or BPA-Free one) and that you remember it still needs cleaning.

If a journey is less than a mile, walk it/cycle it/skate it

Most people can walk a mile in about 20 minutes. There is a two-fold benefit to this in that it reduces polution that cars/motorbikes/public transport give out and it also is good for your physical health. I find a third benefit for me is that it does wonders for my mental health. I must admit I’m not always as successful with this but I do live in london and our public transport network really does help me zip around the city quickly.

Never press the ‘close doors’ button in a lift

A bit of a strange one but hear me out. Never has your life been negatively affected by having your lift arrive at your desired floor seconds earlier. It will have been improved if you’ve ever managed to catch a lift before it starts its long journey around the building. Don’t press the ‘close doors’ button and give the people rushing to catch the lift a chance to get it. No-one wants to be caught hammering the close button by someone who is trying to catch the lift!

Look people in the eyes and smile when you talk to them

Another one I’m guilty of not being as successful with. I’m not good with eye-contact and I have to really work hard to force myself to do it. Then I realise I’ve holding my RBF (resting bitch face) when someone is having a polite conversation with me. Cracking a smile does make me feel better and will help the other person known that you are enjoying the conversation. Win-Win! Treat yourself, the other person, and your face, with a smile 🙂

Recycle your rubbish

This one is definitely for the planet. Recycle. Yes it is a pain. Yes it means multiple bins. Yes it means rinsing out cans and bottles. Yes it means sometimes the wind will blow your recycle paper around. Don’t let that stress you out. When you recycle paper and plastic you are reducing the number of trees being cut down and the amount of oil? chemicals? Whatever plastic is made out of, being taken out of where-ever it gets removed from.

Donate your old clothes

If you don’t wear them anymore, they don’t fit, or you just don’t want them – donate them. Your old clothes can become someone-else’s new clothes. If they are stained, torn, or ruined then don’t donate them, they should go in the bin, but everything else can have a new lease of life with a new owner.

Turn off sockets that aren’t being used

Another easy one that I’m sure we are all guilty of. All those chargers and things which are plugged in but only used occasionally. Turn them off. I’m going down the ‘smart home’ route so have installed a number of smart sockets around my place which I can control via my phone. This way I can turn off any items or lights that have been left on. Less energy being used = lower bills + better for the environment.

Switch Off


This was a new one for me. Did you know that screen-reader software struggles with Hashtags as they try to read them as one word. Its no effort on the writer’s part to put a capital at the start of every word so try to do it. That way, people who use screen-reader software will be able to enjoy your content. And that instantly makes you a better person and the world a little bit better.

Buy Loose Veg in the supermarket

Yes it may have been touched by someone else, but you do wash all your veg before you use it, don’t you? Loose veg has less packaging and less packaging is better for the environment. It also means you will have less to recycle or throw away when you get home.

Hang around – you make the world a better place

A bit of an important one. Make sure you hang around as you do make the world a better place. Some days you might not think it but you do. And you can keep on making it a better place while you are here. Keep being excellent and keep being you.

10 Ways To Make The World A Better Place


So there you have it! 10 practical ways you can personally make the world a better place. If you have ideas for anything else then put them in the comments and you could appear in a follow up blog post.



  1. I’m a bugger for forgetting to turn sockets off, no wonder my bills are sky high! Keep on being excellent is excellent advice as well lol

  2. These are fantastic, I love how down to earth and manageable they are. The hashtag thing is interesting. So a capital at the start of each word in a hashtag. Does that make any difference in searching for hashtags? I’m pretty crap with Twitter but I see some tags are lowercase and others upper, so I didn’t know whether capitalising is important or not.
    I’m quite glad I already do most of these – makes me feel a bit better! Every little helps.
    Caz xx

  3. One I like and try to use a lot is to “lean in” to something. Heard a joke 100 times, lean in to the experience next time you hear it. Laugh like it’s funny. You’ll feel better and so will the person telling the joke or anecdote.

    1. Hello Bella,

      Thats a good one – and it works for everything, not just jokes. If someone is excited about something, share in their excitement.



      The Reverend

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