Freesat – Name That Show Competition

Freesat Name That Show

I receive a few emails asking for help for various competitions online and this one was a fun one so I thought I’d help! I quite like competitions like this as it really makes you think and gets the gray matter going! Check out the Freesat Name That Show competition and see how many you can get.

What is Freesat?


Freesat is a UK Satellite TV service that does not require a subscription. Lots of people have heard of and watch Freeview and Freesat is a similar service except using satellites and a dish rather than a trasmitter and an aerial. There are around 200 Freesat channels covering both TV and Radio and there is no monthly or annual subscription cost to receive these channels.

Freesat Name That Show Competition

This competition is online only and really easy to play. You can find it here – – where you click on a section of the picture and you then type the answer in at the bottom of the screen. They are all TV Shows from the last year so should be easy to guess although there are a few tricky ones that did have me quite stumped for a bit!

This is the image you are working to. See how many you can get!

The Answers

There are 25 tv shows in the Freesat Name That Show image. While you play it will remember which ones you’ve entered and where they were. Important to note that some images contain more than 1 tv show, just to make things even harder!

Rather than display all the answers for people who are playing, I’m putting the answers as a link. If you click on the link it will give you an image with all the answers written on it. Doing it this way means that people can read this post without worrying that it will spoil the competition for them.

Click HERE for the Answers

Other Competitions

Every month I follow the Virgin Red App competition and give tips, clues, answers and bonus codes on my blog posts. You’ll find December’s blog post below. I also do regulary put up answers to the TopCashBack and Quidco competitions to help people taking part in those. If you do have another competition you are doing and you are having some difficulty then let me know and I’ll see if I can help 🙂

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