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Podcast Recommendations – Ones I Enjoy!

Podcast Recommendations – Ones I Enjoy!

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I’ve commuted to work for YEARS and often have spent 2 hours on a train while I made my way to the office. That is 4 hours a day where I needed to unwind and take myself away from the train-hell I’m being held prisoner. I’ve been a massive fan of Podcasts as they can serve lots of different purposes in just one medium. In this blog post you will find some of my Podcast Recommendations.

What Are Podcasts?


The easiest way to think about them are Radio shows you can download. Due to copyright restrictions you wont hear full music tracks on them but you can hear snippets of songs. What is great about Podcasts is they are being made by massive corporations (Sky/BBC/etc) but also by people who just have a computer, a microphone and something to say.

Just like Radio shows, they can be topical, they can be documentary, they can be comedy, factual and fiction. There are plays, there are panel shows and there is stand up and there are people who just want to tell you what is happening in their world. If you have an interest in it, there is going to be a podcast about it!

Where to find Podcasts?

Apple made podcasts easy by having a Podcast app included in the standard iOS. Clicking the Browse button at the bottom of the page allows you to see what Apple have curated together, and also the top charts across the whole of the podcast library. There are other podcast apps on the AppStore if you prefer.

Apple Podcast App Browse Screen

Android have made it a little harder as they don’t have a ‘standard’ podcast app, although the Google Play Store does have plenty of Podcasting apps. These can vary in price with some being Free (with adverts) and others costing actual money.

I have used a free podcast app on an android device and I didn’t find the adverts on the app too intrusive. The free Apple podcast app has no adverts.

Podcast Recommendations

This is by no means a complete list of podcasts and I do recommend you find ones of interest to you, but if if you’d like a starting point then here is a quick list of Podcast Recommendations from me to you.

Your Podcast Recommendations?

These are some of my favourite podcasts. Do you have any recommendations? Let me know in the comments and include a link to a particular episode and I’ll have a listen 🙂


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