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TopCashBack Xmas Treats Giveaway All Clues And Answers 2018

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You are probably looking for the latest quiz – this is from 2018!


TopCashBack Xmas Treats!

TopCashBack (TCB) are back with another ‘Treat’ game as Christmas draws near – TopCashBack Xmas Treats! They have done this previously with Summer TreatsEaster Treats, Summer, Hallowe’en, Christmas, Travel Treats, Easter Treats and Sweet Treats. Every day they will reveal clues and you have to guess the retailer they relate to. Click on the correct retailer to see the TCB Hummingbird appear. Click on the Hummingbird and you can win a treat! It could be instant cashback into your account or a prize-draw entry.

The Prize Board


TopCashBack Xmas Treats 2018 Prize Table

Mega Prize Draw

The prizes are available to everyone and you can still win FREE money for doing very little. It has started today (13th November, 2018) and runs until the TopCashBack Xmas Treats treasure hunt is over. As well as the prizes above, there is the MEGA PRIZE DRAW worth £2,000 ! Check back here and enter these answers into TopCashBack to win!

TopCashBack Xmas Treats 2018 Mega Draw

Buy To Win

There is a 3rd way to win with TopCashBack and that is through the some extra prize draw tickets from the ‘Buy to Win’ competition. If you buy items from selected retailers you are put into a prize draw to win an extra £100.

TopCashBack Xmas Treats 2018 - Buy To Win


Day 1 = Figleaves – I won 1 x Present (need 2 more to win £1 cashback direct into account)
Day 2 John Greed – I won 1 x Star (need 2 more to win 50p cashback direct into account)
Day 3 = FitFlop – I won 1 x Snowflakes (need 3 more to win £100 cashback direct into account)
Day 4 = TBC – the clue is the 3 stripes (adidas) and an anigram of the NIKE slogan (just do it). Either they haven’t updated the correct page on the website for JD Sports or Schuh or it will be the one I got on the bonus.
BONUS = Adidas – I won 1 x Candy Cane (need 3 more to win £20 cashback direct into account). (I’m not happy this is the answer but I’ve checked my daily clues results and it is showing as today’s answer BUT ITS WRONG!!!!)
Day 5 = Ernest Jones – I won 1 x Snowflakes (need 2 more to win £100 cashback)
Day 6 = Tassimo UK – I won 1 x Snowmans (need 3 more to win £10 cashback direct into account)
Day 7 = Dell Inspiron Gaming UK – I won 1 x Prize Draw Entry (PDE)
Day 8 = – I won 1 x Present (need 1 more to win £1 cashback direct into account)
Day 9 = Lenovo – I won 1 x Snowmans (need 2 more to win £10 cashback direct into account)
Day 10 = Quandoo – I won 1 x PDE
Day 11  = Casper Sleep – I won 1 x Snowman (need 1 more to win 20p cashback direct into account)
Day 12 = Now TV – I won 1 x Gingerbread Men (need 2 more to win £5 cashback direct into account)

Check back here tomorrow if you need help with tomorrow’s clue for the TopCashBack Xmas Treats Giveaway. If you are having any problems getting the right answer, let me know in the comments below and I will help out 🙂

The Reverend’s Tip


Check out the ‘Trending’ section on the TopCashBack homepage to see what other people are clicking on, it might help you get the answer or even find a bonus Treat!

The Reverend’s Tip #2

Check out my blog post on how to get FIFTEEN QUID cashback with ZERO spend. A simple way to hit the payout level for any TopCashBack users plus also new accounts get a Five Pound Debenehams Gift Card.

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      1. Hi Jimbo,

        I’m not sure that is today’s answer as it doesn’t fit the clues. I’ve added what I think today’s is to the blog post.


        The Reverend

      1. I think that was a random one. Curry’s didn’t worl for me. BTW, I have collected two prozes and only need one of each now to win more. I browse A to Z and only click on the exclusive deals. Get a lot that way

  1. Not connected to this, but can anyone help me with this Freesat game. So far I have 18 answers but I can’t get the other 7.

    The answers i have are……Doctor Who
    The Little Drummer Girl
    Peppa Pig
    The X Factor
    Coronation Street
    Strictly Come Dancing
    Celebrity Juice
    Blind Date
    Orange Is the New Black
    Call the Midwife
    World Cup
    The Great British Bake Off
    Killing Eve
    The Handmaidʼs Tale
    Love Island

    1. Ignore that ^^ I found the page on here with all the answers. i don’t know how to delete my comment above…sorry.

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