RedWigWam: Update


RedWigWam Update

It has been a while since I last spoke about RedWigWam. You can read my diary about getting my first experience with them here. If you haven’t already you can join them by clicking THIS LINK.

I get emails from them occasionally, but often it appears to be either cleaning jobs or other jobs which I’m not suitable. It is also important to check the website regardless of the emails as stuff can be added/taken very quickly. Well after not getting anything since the muscle milk a few months ago, I managed to get a job!

Heading to the Supermarket


I needed to visit a supermarket and buy a pack of 2 pies. There was also a bonus if the job was completed before a certain time. I took the first job that was about 40 minutes from my flat. Then I thought more about it and saw that there was another supermarket about the same distance from that…and with a little bit of good planning I could do both to claim the bonus!

The job was to buy all of a certain dated pack of pies. There were 2 pies in a pack and a maximum of 6 packs per store. I left my house with a big bag to carry the possible 24 pies back home. My freezer was not going to be happy but I’d certainly enjoy eating pies for breakfast, lunch and dinner this week! What I didn’t realise until I got to the first shop was the packs were £7 each. Good for my clubcard balance but not the best for my immediate cashflow. Not to worry as at the first store they didn’t have any of the required packs in stock. They stocked them, they just didn’t have the dates that I needed.

Photos & Receipt

For the job I needed to take some photos, keep the receipt and submit to complete the timesheet. I had no receipt but I did take the photos and uploaded using the free Costa Coffee Wifi. With my first time-sheet completed for the day I noticed there were some jobs to check at John Lewis stores. There were 3 that were within my ‘strike-zone’ and one of these was actually at a train station I needed to pass through! I booked all 3 and challenged myself to get them all done.

The 2nd supermarket didn’t stock the pies at all. I asked at the customer service desk and they checked their stock and said that store didn’t have them. With nothing to photograph I took a photo of the customer service desk (showing the time 😉 ) and I uploaded these to the time sheet. With an empty bag and sadness from not having 24 pies to eat it was off to John Lewis at Stratford for job number 3 of the day.

Loads of Photos

Here I had to find some products, take LOADS of photos and tidy/re-arrange the display. There was no time-bonus for this but it should be nice and easy. However after spending nearly 30 minutes searching the whole store, I couldn’t find the product anywhere. Admitting defeat I approached the service desk and asked them about the product. They told me ‘because we are a small store, we don’t stock all items – try a larger store’. I left after 30 minutes not knowing if I’d actually get paid.

Jobs 4 & 5 were a lot easier. I found the products, did the required, took lots of photos. In the other two shops the product was hidden away so it may have actually been somewhere very silly in the first store.  After completing all the jobs I headed home and uploaded the time-sheets. I had job 3 with the missing product to resolve. Due to this I did a live chat session with RedWigWam to explain. It was still early in the day and there was another 2 days to complete the task but I didn’t want to head out to Stratford again so wanted the job to at least go back in the ‘pool’ for people to attempt again. The RWW representative said they would contact the client and ask what they wanted to do. I was told to submit my timesheet anyway. They also said if it did go back into the pool I’d not be penalised for future jobs and I was assured that wouldn’t happen.

Submitting the Job

Everything got accepted and I received the pay from the 2 jobs with bonus and the 3 John Lewis jobs. 5 jobs in 1 day!

RedWigWam do deduct tax from your payslips so you don’t get all the cash from the job but if you have any agreed expenses (like if I had to purchase the pies) you will be paid back in full. The payslip came through and everything was correct. All the cash was in my account the next day. A nice day out, got to explore some areas I’d not been before and blasted through my 10000 steps for the day!

No other suitable jobs have appeared on RedWigWam since so I’m 6 jobs completed with them and looking forward to some more. I enjoy exploring and doing these ‘secret’ tasks while shopping. Here is hoping that more jobs appear and take me to new places!




    1. One of the good things about these jobs is you get to explore loads and that involves plenty of walking! 😀

    1. It is all currently under a different name (don’t ask!) and I’ve got some BBC pay that was also under this name so currently I have two ‘accounts’ as far as I can see. I will contact HMRC at some point to get them joined.

    1. They deduct the tax direct. I find some of their work isn’t for me (hairdresser needed or office cleaner) but occasionally they have stuff that is really easy to do and near-by : exactly what I’m after!

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