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What is Roamler?

Roamler is an app where you can get Mystery Shopper jobs sent direct to your phone. Its easy to complete jobs and with each job you complete you earn XP and what does XP mean? Prizes! Actually, no. More XP means higher levels and higher levels give you the ability to invite people to the Roamler program and to reserve more jobs at the same time. You will need to get a Roamler Invite Code to join.

How Do I get a Roamler Invite Code?


There is a really easy way to get a Roamler Invite Code. I use a forum called TMS (The Money Shed) and we currently have a code available to ALL members who contribute at least 10 posts to the site. Its that easy! Sign-up from this link make your ten posts (Its good to start with a post in the ‘new users’ thread) and then you’ll be able to contact the Admin for an invite code!


Although Roamler and its tasks are available in the UK, it is a company from the Netherlands. Our TMS Roamler Invite code is only available to users within the UK. Due to this, although you can request access to The Money Shed from anywhere in the world, if you aren’t based in the UK your account wont be approved and you’ll never get to the 10 posts required. Sorry to dis-appoint you. If you are outside the UK then leave a comment below and if I know of any other Roamler Invite Codes I will happily share them with you.





  1. Hey man,

    I’m not currently in the uk. I’m in the nederlands. I was hoping you had a code available? Thanks a million

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