How to Increase Your Nectar Points at Sainsburys

Sainsburys have updated their app and now it can work in your favour. Check out this blog post to see how you can increase your Nectar Points balance for very little effort.

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Step 1 – Get a Nectar Card

The first thing you need is a Nectar Card. You might already have one at which point you can skip this step. Visit and set up and account. They will then provide you a card number you can use for your shopping.

Step 2 – Download the App


Next up, go to your application store of choice and download the App.

Nectar App on Google Play Store
Nectar App on Apple App Store

Step 3 – Log in

Log into the App and make sure it has all your details correct. You can check these on the ‘Home’ tab and then click the figure in the top right.

Step 4 – Find the Bonus Nectar Point Offers

The ‘Home’ tab does present all the general bonus point offers but we are interested in the Sainsburys Offers. These give you bonus points if you buy particular products.

Screenshot of the Nectar app showing 40 bonus points for purchasing loose carrots

Step 5 – Save All The Offers

A bit strange that you have to do this – there is no reason why Sainsburys couldn’t automatically attach these to your Nectar card but they choose to make you accept them. You can also choose to accept all or just individual items. I recommend saving all as either you’ll buy the items and get the points, or not buy them and they’ll expire after 8 days anyway.

Step 6 – Visit Sainsburys and Buy Items (or shop online)


Obvious step is obvious. Something to note is that if you order online, make sure the bonus points offer for items don’t expire before the delivery!

Step 7 – Get Your Bonus Points

The bonus points should appear on the app within seconds of you paying. Your bonus points appear as a separate line on the app – away from the points you earned from the actual shop.

Screenshot of the Nectar App Showing The Bonus Points Added To Account

Home Delivery of Supermarket Shopping

You can also get points if you get your shopping delivered. Check out my blog post on whether the supermarkets will delivery to you if you live in a block of flats.

Which Supermarkets Deliver Food Shopping To Flats?



  1. I’ve found some of my offers to be pretty decent as 95% are items I’ve bought and buy fairly regularly, and 50+ here and 100+ there can add up nicely. The printed coupons at the till these days are disappointing. All I ever get now are odd double points on a £70+ spend, which ain’t happenin’. I do feel sorry for all of those without the app or access/knowledge of how to use the website. It’s excluding various folks and without sounding too stereotyped a lot are the older customers. My parents, for instance, don’t have a clue! x

    1. Hi Caz / InvisiblyMe,

      I am seeing the same items appear on rotation. I don’t know whether they reappear because everyone gets the same things on rotation or whether they reappear because I keep buying them when they are offer.

      I have noticed that sometimes the custard cream biscuits on offer and they have all gone from the shelf – so perhaps everyone gets similar offers.

      I do miss getting the paper vouchers – they used to work if you just picked up the vouchers left behind by other people but recently they’ve stopped working if they weren’t assigned to your account. I also used to game the system by buying something cheap when I arrived, getting all the vouchers and then using them against my main shop in the same visit!

      The app is designed for you not to get the points automatically. They’ve also introduced ‘Nectar Price’ to drive people to the nectar scheme. Lots of people still don’t want to use it as they are ‘selling’ their shopping habit data.

      I have managed to get about £100 of Nectar points in the last 5/6 months so at least it is working for me! 😀


      The Reverend

  2. The offers are targeted. We have two cards in our house; which are linked and we get different offers each week. I would say that around 80% of them are for things we have previously bought or buy regularly.
    So they are obviously using the harvested data well.
    Also; don’t forget the little scratch off game on the app after you have used the card. If you click on activity this does sometimes pop up; even if you used the plastic card. It gives you from 0 – 20 points as a Nectar bonus.

    1. Hi Kevin,

      It has always been something we’ve purchased before and when I’m chasing the points, I only tend to buy things I’m buying anyway.

      I got offered 20 points for a whole organic chicken – £10+! I get offered more points for buying a packet of custard creams!


      Good point about the scratch game. It’s only a small amount of points but better than nothing.



      The Reverend

  3. Hi,
    If I buy two packets of something that is in the bonus points weekly offer list, do I get 2x bonus points?

    1. Hi Ian,

      Ive not actually tried. Once you use the voucher once it disappears so I assume not – I’ll try it next week with a packet of biscuits.


      The Reverend

  4. Hello! I’m actually looking for that answer as well – if you buy more than one of one item, do you get multiple nectar points. I’ve read the t’s & c’s but can’t find anything. Did you ever find out?


    1. Hi Tasmeena,

      You only get 1 set of bonus points. If it says 200 points for bottle of orange juice then you’ll only get 200 extra points for 1 bottle. If you buy 10 bottles you’ll only get one lot of 200 extra points.


      The Reverend

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